Moon Magic – November 2008


Astrological Timing for Success

We are all ready for a new month and November is a good one. In October the world was taken apart and now we put it back together again.

The most important events this month are the Nov 7th mid-Scorpio ‘cross-quarter’ and the beginning of a new (brighter, lighter) Mayan year on Nov 13th coinciding with a powerful Sun in Scorpio Full Moon. Let the fun begin!

Crescent New Moon Out of Bounds South
Oct 30-Nov 3 –Time to Sow

November begins with a waxing crescent Moon shining low below brilliant Venus, goddess of love. The Moon is a lens magnifying all she draws near.  A month that starts with Venus conjunct the Moon is a month given to love. We may tune to Venus to open our hearts and harmonize our relationships.

During Moon Out of Bounds South our inner world is illuminated so individual, group and global patterns become revealed and may be reformed. We may experience emotional challenges relating to any area of life where we are blocked – especially in matters of the heart. The next four days (Nov 1-4) are ideal for new beginnings. Seeds sown now flower during the Full Moon and through the year to come. 

Hallowmas/ Isia/ Celtic New Year
Nov 1-7 – Time for Transforming

Halloween is the vestige of the Celtic New Year festival beginning Oct 31st and culminating Nov 7th when the Sun reaches midpoint Scorpio. The Hallowmas ‘cross-quarter day’ is half way between Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice. During Hallowmas changes are more easily made in our inner and outer world. Fire is key for clearing the way. Whether by candle fire, hearth fire or outdoor bonfire, this is the way of soul liberty. Shadow patterns are transformed through fire gazing and deep breathing.

Nov 7th is the culmination of the Egyptian Isia (Nov 1-7) when Isis and her fellow gods and goddesses gather up the pieces of the slain Osiris and restore him to life and wholeness. The world is put together again new.

The astral veil is thinner at this time of year so the workings of the inner world may be revealed. The veil is thinnest on Nov 7. This is a time for revival of ancestral power through remembering and honoring the dead. It is also a time for renewing community.

Sun in Scorpio Full Moon
Nov 11-15 (exact Nov 13 / 1:17 am edt)

The Tripuri Purnima Full Moon celebrates Shiva’s victory over the ‘city demon’ Tripuri. Shiva is the Hindu god of dance, death and transformation. Communities celebrate their spiritual power to overcome adversity. Lamps and candles are lit after Sunset to honor and welcome the Lord of the Dance.

This Full Moon coincides with the end of the Mayan ‘Year of Destruction’ and the beginning of the ‘Year of Flowering.’ These are two of the thirteen 360 day prophetic years that conclude with the 2012 time shift.

Moon Out of Bounds North
Nov 13-16 (5:01am 11/13 – 2:03am 11/17)

During this time everybody is more open-minded and can enter “the higher world” where we are freer and have more imagination. New ideas are more easily and successfully shared. This time is ideal for business meetings or social gatherings. It is a time to make announcements, do promotions and to bring new discoveries to light.

Balsamic Moon
Nov 23-25 – Make a Wish

The Balsamic Moon is called the Wishing Moon because it is the best time for putting wishes on the air. Needs felt now invoke response from the coming lunar cycle. Wishes made at the Balsamic Moon come to fulfillment in the next lunar cycle.

Dark of the Moon
Nov 26-28 – Time to Look Within

The ‘Dark of the Moon’ is a 3-day period beginning the day before the New Moon and ending at Sunset the day after when the crescent becomes visible. While generally unfavorable for outward activity, these three days are ideal for gaining insight through quiet reflection. It’s also time to clear (smudge etc) the home to make way for the new lunar cycle.

Moon Out of Bounds South
Nov 26-Dec 1 (11:27am 11/26-8:14am 12/1)

This is a time to go beneath the surface, do research, change habits, renovate our inner world. We may experience emotional challenges relating to any area of life where we are blocked or are hiding from ourselves.

Crescent New Moon
Nov 28-Dec 2 – A Time to Sow

The lunar crescent first appears on Nov 28 close beside Mars and Mercury. On Nov. 30th the waxing crescent shines low beneath Venus and Jupiter – a bright omen for the coming month. The next four days (Nov 28-Dec 2) are favorable for new beginnings. Important meetings and new work are ideally scheduled during the waxing moon Nov 29-Dec 12.

The first nights of the crescent Moon’s appearance are good times to have friends over to celebrate the new beginning. The lunar tide brings special blessings through all circles of friends.

Steve Nelson is a professional astrologer who uses tarot, name analysis, and traditional astrology to help clients realize natural talents and understand personal myths. He may be reached at

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