Creams Can Dry Skin


body butterSometimes we may notice that as soon as we start using a skin cream, we have to continue with it, because if we stop moisturizing, our skin becomes even drier than before. New research published by The Swedish Research Council is now shedding light on this phenomenon. Researchers are discovering that topical application of certain oils, such as mineral oil, affect the skin on a deep level, making it less able to cope with external stresses.

How cream affects skin depends on the cream’s composition, say the scientists. Some creams are based heavily upon mineral or vegetable oils that tend to weaken the skin’s protective barrier and change the way our skin produces its own protective oils. As a result, the skin loses its self-regulating processes and can become drier.

Skin is a living, breathing organ. To ensure that a cream does not interfere with normal skin functioning, researchers suggest looking for complex cream compounds that contain not only natural oil, but sufficient water, which should be listed as the first ingredient.

Source: Vetenskapsradet, The Swedish Research Council, 2008

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