MOON MAGIC Astrological Timing for Success – August 2009


This Sun-ruled month of Leo begins with Lughnasa, the Celtic festival of the Sun god, Lugh. Also known as Lammas or Loaf-mass, it is the traditional time to share bread of the first harvest. The Moon is growing toward Full on Aug 5 when we have yet another eclipse, the 3rd in 4 weeks! An eclipse brings opportunities to eclipse or eliminate whatever needs to be let go from our world. As old psychic patterns break down, energy is freed for a new creation.

The energies released from the July 21 Total Eclipse of the Sun will be re-constellating around any new purpose or initiative we bring forward the next few months. Following a total solar eclipse the next solar gate is most important for powering on the new creation. Lammas marks the cross-quarter of Summer, the mid-Leo ‘power gate of fire.’ The Lammas festival begins August 1and the cross-quarter date is August 6-7 when the Sun is exactly halfway between Solstice and Equinox.

Mid-August, shooting stars will be streaming brightly from the sword of Perseus while the great benefic Jupiter shines brilliantly in the evening sky. Jupiter is at opposition, closest to our planet, bringing celestial blessings. Saturn will just be fading from view as the Lord of the Rings makes a solar rendezvous and turns rings edge on toward the Sun for a once-in-30-years Spring Equinox. Spring time on Saturn is good news for planet Earth.

August 1 – Magical New Beginnings
Lammas / White Rabbit Day
Say ‘White Rabbit’ first thing for good luck through the month. The rabbit opens us to magic; the Rabbit in the Moon is our magical guide.

July 30-Aug 3 – Renovate Your Inner World
4:11 am 7/30 – 3:54 pm 8/3
Moon Out of Bounds South
As the Moon travels below the zodiac, our inner world becomes illuminated. Subconscious beliefs and behavior are revealed and more easily reformed. We may experience challenges where we’ve been blocked or hiding from ourselves. This is a time to go beneath the surface, do research, change habits or renovate our inner world.

August 4
Barack Obama’s Birthday
Now turning 48 and entering a first house year in astrology, it’s time to fully come on stage and this story is just beginning. The first house speaks to the realization of one’s ultimate potential and addresses one’s personality and presentation to the world.

August 5– Illumination
Sun in Leo Full Moon
This is the Asala Full Moon when all the ascended enlightened leaders of the world gather in their spirit bodies to focus energy for planetary renewal. Special energies flow through for three days following Full Moon. Revelations may come in dreams, ‘chance encounters’ or sudden flashes of inspiration.

Aug 6-7 – Power On a New Mythic Story
Lammas Cross-Quarter
Midpoint Leo, the power gate of fire, culminates the festival of Lughnasa  (or Lammas) that began August 1. This cross-quarter brings opportunities to realize dreams and bring illumination. Dreams and portents predict what is to come in the Autumn season. Take note! Aug 6 is the Catholic Feast of Transfiguration celebrating the date when Jesus went up on the mountain to be illuminated.

August 8 – Cosmic Balance Time
Moon at the Equator / Lunar Zero Point North
Lunar 0 Points are cosmic balance times for our creative imagination. Moon at the Equator moving North is like the Spring Equinox, a time to envision. The magic window is open for about two hours from 9:09 – 10:09 pm.

August 13-17 – Open-minded and Imaginative
(8:00 pm 8/13 – 1:48 pm 8/17)
Moon Out of Bounds North
We enter ‘the higher world’ new ideas are more easily and successfully shared. It’s time to share new opportunities, make announcements, do a promotional or bring a new discovery to light. August 15 is most magical when the Moon is maximally Out of Bounds North sailing over Orion close by the planet Mars.

August 16-18 – Make a Wish
Balsamic Moon
This is a time for putting wishes on the air and bringing people to mind for healing. Empathic feeling brings healing. As we feel, we heal.

Aug 19 until Sunset Aug 21 – Time to Look Within
Dark of the Moon
The ‘Dark of the Moon’ is a 3-day period starting the day before New Moon and ending when the crescent becomes visible. Although unfavorable for outward activities, this time is ideal for inner work. It is also a good time to sage the home for a new lunar cycle and clear space for magic.

August 22 – Be Quiet
New Moon
The prophet Nostradamus called the New Moon “the day of Diana, a time for silent rest.” Quiet at the New Moon opens our inner knowing and allows us to draw from the psychic well within.

August 22-25 – Ideal for All New Beginnings
Crescent New Moon
The next few days following the appearance of the lunar crescent are ideal for starting a new business or staging a successful public event. It is time to share new opportunities, make announcements or bring new discoveries to light. This Moon tide will energize whatever we bring forward.

August 27 (7:42 am) – Let Go the Old, Power On New
1st Quarter Moon
Tonight the Moon passes close by Antares, the star of death and rebirth. This is an opportunity to clear out the old and channel energy to the new. Breathe deeply and focus on the light overhead to make the ideal real.

August 26-30-Change Habits
(12:15 pm 8/26 – 9:54 pm 8/30)
Moon Out of Bounds South
As the Moon plows our inner world whatever has been hidden will be revealed. This is a time to go beneath the surface, do original research, change habits or renovate your inner world.

Steve Nelson is a professional astrologer who uses tarot, name analysis, and traditional astrology to help clients understand personal myths and realize natural abilities. He may be reached at 704-375-3759 or email†

2 Responses to “ MOON MAGIC Astrological Timing for Success – August 2009 ”

  1. Lubna Gem Arielle Says:

    Hey Steve

    What a fabulous site!! I’m a little confused – I thought new moon – in leo – was August 20 – which i when I was planning a manifestation gathering ….. please clarify if you can.

    with best wishes

  2. Elisa Says:

    It is! There is some conflict amoung astrological ephemeri and the moon cycle tables by pagan calculation, and what NASA says 🙂
    I have read that the new moon only has 3 degrees of expression vs 27 too. Leo moon is showing an effect at present, for some more than for others. New moon rituals can actually be done 2 days on either side of the new moon. However, some choose to maintain a very literal interpretation as to how and when to do them. The new moon is to be at a few minutes before 5am, most are beginning this evening while it is still in Cancer, and then with a shift in focus based on a moon in Leo, repeating or maintaining their focus on the moon’s Leo aspects instead.