1825 East 7th St
Charlotte, NC 28204
(704) 606.7259

A small Gem and Mineral shop located in the Elizabeth community! We carry sterling silver and natural gemstone jewelry as well as rare mineral specimens, spheres, obelisk and clusters. Visit our metaphysical library of around 3,500 books, world music, tarot/divination cards.

Herbals include Sage, Sweet grass & smudge sticks in stock. We’re currently working on growing our Apothecary and currently have  Horehound, Pennyroyal, Dragons Blood, Brewers Yeast, High John, Mandrake, Hyssop, Wormwood, White Sage, Anise Star, Cloves Whole, Comfrey Leaf, Elder berries Whole, Fennel Seed, Horehound Cut, Kelp Granules, Mullen Leaf, and Peppermint leaf. We will expand our stock every few weeks.

Featuring our own custom cut gemstones, cast silver and gold jewelry on site. We excel at making your dreams come true!