Antibiotics not an Answer for Asthmatic Kids


A new study led by researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, reveals that some antibiotics may be overprescribed for children with asthma. Of the 5,198 outpatient visits included in the analysis, antibiotics were routinely ordered during nearly one in six visits, although national health guidelines do not currently recommend them as a therapy. However, when best practices for treating asthma and preventing attacks were discussed by pediatricians during office visits, patients were less likely to receive antibiotic prescriptions. The researchers suggest that doctors spend more time educating their patients about alternatives, as well as potential side effects of the drugs.

According to Dr. Kris De Boeck, from the University Hospital of Leuven, in Belgium, the side effects from overuse of antibiotics may include compromised immune systems, potentially worse asthma symptoms and the spread of antibiotic-resistant “superbugs.”

Source: Pediatrics and Reuters Health

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