Good Vibrations


For years I have been working with sound, the sound and unique vibration of the human voice and the healing it can bring. Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow, teaches that we can heal the planet with our voice.

I have also been using the unique vibration of the hand drums that I make to move and create healing energy for individuals. The drums not only have their own sound, but they carry their own energetic medicine depending on the animal hide that I used to make the drum. All of these things come together to create very specific vibrations. And of course the rhythm that is played also has much to do with the energy.

Last year when I was in South Africa I was introduced to the spiritual practice of a Sound Journey. It was a most amazing experience and one I knew that I would want to bring back to the states. I had the opportunity recently to work with Matt Lyon and Trai Hill to create a Sound Journey for about 20 Journeyers. We played the Native American Hand Drum, the Didgeridoo and the Crystal Singing bowl. These three ancient instruments quickly transported the participants to amazing places!

I also recently treated myself to a Sound Meditation facilitated by Jennifer Thompson of Charlotte Sound Therapy. She played the Gongs, Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls and Tuning Forks. What a truly incredible experience! I was instantly focused on my intention of releasing old patterns that no longer serve me. I traveled in and out of awareness and felt completely lifted by the end of the hour.

I am thrilled about the many offerings we have in Charlotte that have to do with the healing power of sound. I highly recommend to anyone, to try this wonderful healing modality and make it a regular practice in your life! It will truly transform you!


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