Awakening to Your True Self and Living Beyond Limitation Course


Debby Plante, RM (Azera) and Autumn Austin MA, LPC, RM will offer the six-week course Awakening to Your True Self and Living Beyond Limitation.

The course is designed to help participants begin to recognize the ego as well as discovering the authentic self, how to manifest through clarity of intention, and how to let go of suffering and begin living the life they have dreamed of. The pair seek to build a community of like minded people to strengthen this journey.

“During these changing times, it’s important to become fully aware of our highest, truest selves and learn to live beyond limitations, to live a purposeful life,” says Austin.IMG_3015_edited-1trans

Classes meet for 1.5 hours on Sunday afternoons starting June 30 from 3-4:30 pm. Other days/times will be available if needed. Cost is $450 or 3 payments of $160. Info: Debby Plante @ 704-451-5372, Autumn Austin @ 704-651-0668,,

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