Sibella Circle – Support Groups for Women 40+


A Soft Place™: Sibella Circle – Women’s Support Groups for Women 40+
151 Church Street, NW
Concord, NC 28025

Finding Purpose and Meaning in the Second Phase of Your Life.
Giving birth to your Soul’s Calling –– “IF NOT NOW, THEN WHEN?” 
Let’s face it ladies; The frustration you’re feeling. The endless days of discontentment. The longing for more!
Those are LABOR PAINS!!! YOU’RE IN THE 9TH MONTH (Midwife Coaching)™

A 6 Week Life Coaching Women’s Group Session Series –

There’s a CALLING on your life and you’ve known this for years! Your womb is full (pregnant) with a God-given vision of the woman you are to become. Your delivery is past due, and it’s time to give birth to your divine Soul-purpose. So, get ready!  Because the NEW YOU is on her way! Go online to REGISTER!