Dr. Crystal Harrison Joins Haas Wellness Center



Dr. Kenneth N. Haas, of Haas Wellness Centers, in Charlotte, has welcomed Dr. Crystal Harrison to his practice. He says her addition will help to expand their ability to take care of more patients each day.

Dr. Harrison has been serving North Carolina as a public speaker, expert witness and Chiropractic Physician. She provides biochemistry-based nutrition, rehabilitation and proprioception training, pain management, medication management through the Haas Wellness Center’s clinical pharmacist team; as well as yoga and reiki as the Haas Wellness Center’s certified instructor/practitioner. She is also applying for a Diplomate in Forensic Sciences.


Location: 3315 Springbank Lane, Ste. 102. For more information or to make an appointment, call 704-837-2420 or visit HaasWellnessCenters.com.