Gentle is the New Power at NoDa Yoga


Amidst our fast-paced, stressful and constantly changing lives, yoga provides calming and restorative elements. Such benefits can be accentuated even further through the slower, gentler practice at NoDa Yoga, in Charlotte’s historic arts district.

Gentle yoga practice involves a sequence of slow, mindful movements, allowing you to be fully present in your body. While it may not be as physically demanding as a power yoga class, it offers the same transformative benefits. With increased mindfulness and attention to smaller movements, gentle yoga is conducive for pain management, injury recovery, healing from trauma and restoring the body and mind.

NoDa Yoga also specializes in back care, yin, restorative, slow flow, beginners to basics, and all levels vinyasa. Its small studio encourages a heart-centered approach to ensure a safe and inclusive environment. Partnering with the Veterans Yoga Project, it offers mindful resilience yoga therapy training, classes and scholarships for local veterans and their caretakers. A Veterans Yoga Project Advanced Training for Mindful Resilience will be held October 20 to 22.

Location: 3201 N. Davidson St., Ste B. Register for Veterans program at For more information, email, visit or follow on social media @NoDaYoga.