Soul Coaching Training Program in North Carolina



Personal coaches are in demand, as many people are searching for meaning amidst personal and global challenges. Applicants can get ready to start a new business in this exciting area by training to be a Soul Coaching practitioner at a professional certification program led by trainers Theresa Gendron, of Charlotte, North Carolina, and Sarah Paola, of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, from March 17 to 23 at The Mountain Retreat, in Highlands, North Carolina.

Participants may learn many coaching methods in four separate 28-day programs, structured powerful workshops and events that can be conducted with individuals or groups, either online or one-on-one, plus receive business startup tools. They’ll also be able to attend a 28-day program for free, plus two evening sessions on symbols and daily signs sent by program guides.

It’s a system that helps to clear away old thinking, as well as emotional and physical clutter, and helps clients design a life to discover their true purpose.


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