Wellness Expo In Charlotte


The Elemental Healing Charlotte REFRESH 2018 Wellness Expo:
 What Will You Discover?
 will take place from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., February 24. Special guests include wellness chef and nutritional therapist Carol Green, Southern Belle Medium Tamara Caulder-Richardson, and spirit artist Stefan Duncan. There will be giveaways, raffle items and prizes. Participants should dress comfortably for movement classes.

At a time when trendy diets and new, cutting-edge healing modalities are the norm, most people are excited to try them in hope that this will be the one diet, supplement or energy healer that finally improves their health. Some will see amazing results from a specific diet or treatment, yet others will fail. It is all about bio-individuality, and it is up to us to dig deep and discover what works best for us and not feel guilty or discouraged when something doesn’t quite work as we hoped.

We are bombarded by what’s new and exciting, but we really need to learn to become self-explorers. The holistic practitioners and special guests will offer a variety of products and services that give attendees a chance to try new things, ask questions, and gain understanding. Introductory movement classes including qigong, tai chi and yoga will also give them a feel for what classes they may want to attend on a regular basis. And new this year, there is a metaphysical shop offering crystals, singing bowls, accessories and more.


Admission is $10. Location: 5200 Park Rd., Bldg. 1, 2nd floor, Charlotte. Register at ElementalHealingCharlotte.com.