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Can Parents Teach Peace?

A recent study suggests they can. Researchers from Virginia Commonwealth University, in Richmond, and the University of Illinois system studied more than 5,500 students at 37 middle schools, focusing on this age group because aggressive behavior tends to escalate during the transition from childhood to adolescence. The researchers found that violent behavior in general increased […]

The Iroquois Thanksgiving Address

Ohenton Kariwahtekwen (Greetings to the Natural World) Native Americans believe that to be human is a gift and an honor, requiring mindful gratitude. Still spoken at Iroquois ceremonial and governmental gatherings, this Thanksgiving Address dates back more than 1,000 years and elegantly recognizes the many gifts in our lives. Today we have gathered and we […]

Kathleen Rogers President of Earth Day Network

A conversation with Kathleen Rogers  For the past six years, Earth Day Network has been working to inspire civic engagement in the classroom. It’s among the organization’s most recent collaborative initiatives in 174 countries. President of Earth Day Network Americans are being called to clean up their environmental act at home and abroad, but the […]

Medical Schools Recognize Spirit Factor

A decade ago a study showed that 77 percent of Americans felt that physicians should address patients’ spiritual needs, but that only 11 percent of doctors participated in such discussions. Today attitudes have changed. Now 101 medical schools incorporate patient spirituality in their curricula, up from 17 in 1995 according to an article in the […]

Take Action – Terminate the Terminator

Consumer, farmer, and environmental organizations across the globe are mobilizing to stop the legalization and commercialization of the controversial Terminator Gene Technology, whereby seeds are genetically engineered to commit suicide after one growing season. The biotech industry and seed companies support the Terminator Technology, because it prevents farmers from saving their seeds and forces them […]

5 Tips for a Kid-Friendly Home

Lower your child’s exposure to toxic chemicals at home with these tips from Healthy Child Healthy World by Christopher Gavigan of 1 – Do away with garden pests with natural insecticide and weed killer, and use natural fertilizer on lawns. Always have kids wash their hands after playing outside. 2 – Use natural cleaners […]

How to Catch Some Green ZZZ’s

Goldilocks didn’t have to concern herself with poisonous chemicals in any of the three mattresses she tried out. In her storybook world, all the beds were naturally perfect. The good news for us is that, with today’s certified organic mattresses, all sleepers can appreciate a night of sound, simple, healthy rest. Whether it’s to bolster […]

Breathe Easy at Home

Smart Moves to reduce Indoor Pollution While most people are aware of outdoor pollution, they may know little about harmful air pollutants inside their home. That ignorance can have grave consequences. Indoor pollutants can come from faulty combustion in appliances, trapped moisture, household products and home furnishings. Even the mattress we sleep on could, through […]

Spiritual Pilgrimage: journey to sacred sites

Journey to Sacred Sites A Conversation with Phil Cousineau Documentary filmmaker and travel leader to sacred sites and author of The Art of Pilgrimage Q. What’s the difference between a pilgrimage and a vacation? A. Vacationers have a deep desire to empty their minds on pleasure trips that are essentially about being entertained. Tourists generally […]

The Master Cleanse: Weight Loss a Bonus

The Master Cleanse: Weight Loss a Bonus For generations, March 21 signaled the start of a good housekeeper’s Spring Cleaning. But like everything else subjected to marketing hype, the concept has moved over to make room for today’s more intimate Spring Cleansing. Among the growing list of detoxification cleanses, The Lemonade Diet–or The Master Cleanse–has […]