10 Healing Crystals How Natural – Stones Can Support Wellness

Healing crystal practitioners believe that crystals create a change in subtle energies on the mental, emotional, physical and metaphysical planes that, in turn, effect healing. They may be handled or laid on the body, incorporated into jewelry, contribute to gem elixirs (polished quartz only), and used to complement meditation. Following are 10 of the many […]

10 Natural Tips to Keep Colds and Flu at Bay

Experts agree that a generally healthful lifestyle, including following a nutritious diet, works to ward off sniffles, stuffy noses and the aches of a cold, and may even help safeguard against influenza. But it’s best not to wait for the first symptoms of a cold or flu to manifest; instead, we can take ongoing preventive […]

10 Tips to Green Any Vacation

Green travel doesn’t mean sleeping in a treehouse or backpacking into a jungle to rescue orangutans, but simply keeping a few Earth-friendly ideas in mind when planning a summer vacation. Of course, when traveling to a foreign country, making an effort to get to know the people, their culture and a few words of their […]

10 Ways to Feed a Walking Habit

Keep the Health Benefits Coming by Maggie Spilner Recently, the American Podiatric Medical Association published a list of alternative activities for people who felt their walks were just too boring. While I agree that some variation in exercise is a plus for both mind and body, walking never needs to be boring or static. A […]

10 Ways to Lower Cholesterol Naturally

By Janet Bond Brill Cardiovascular disease, manifested primarily as heart attacks and stroke, is America’s number one killer, dwarfing all other causes of death, including cancer and diabetes. More than 107 million of us have an unhealthy level of cholesterol, a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease. But, there are easy ways we can take […]

10/10/10 Results РAmerica’s White House Goes Solar

President Obama has announced the installation of solar panels and a solar hot water heater on the roof of his White House residence as part of a Department of Energy demonstration project. Interestingly, the move comes after Founder Bill McKibben carted solar panels to Washington, D.C., in October, as part of his grassroots movement’s […]

12 Steps to Avoid or Mitigate H1N1 Swine Flu

by Bill Van Arsdale While a tremendous media blitz is underway encouraging U.S. citizens to get vaccinated against the H1N1 swine flu, a powerful countervailing force of concerned doctors, researchers and citizens is questioning the necessity, effectiveness and safety of the vaccine. Should you and your family get inoculated? What else can we do to […]

5 Tips for a Kid-Friendly Home

Lower your child’s exposure to toxic chemicals at home with these tips from Healthy Child Healthy World by Christopher Gavigan of 1 – Do away with garden pests with natural insecticide and weed killer, and use natural fertilizer on lawns. Always have kids wash their hands after playing outside. 2 – Use natural cleaners […]

75th Anniversary – The Wilderness Society Celebrates Nationwide Successes

Fresh from a major achievement in 2009, The Wilderness Society has not been resting on its laurels in this, its 75th year of striving to protect our nation’s public lands. Following last year’s passage of the largest land conservation bill in decades, permanently protecting 4 million acres in 11 states, it’s had more than a […]

8 Ways to Green Up Your Life

From this summer’s “Live Earth” events to last year’s An Inconvenient Truth, the call to action grows louder: it’s time to take responsibility for saving the planet. The good news is that we can all answer that call. While not everyone can commit to a car-free commute or a biodynamic diet, most of us can […]