Locavore Lingo

What All the Food Labels Really Mean Judith Fertig   <img src=”/images/cache/cache_9/cache_5/cache_8/Reading-Food-Labels-0ca0f859.jpeg?ver=1466201677&aspectratio=1.875″ alt=””> Locally grown foods are more likely to have been bred for flavor and nutrition than durability and a long shelf life, says Emily Akins, outreach director for the Kansas City Food Circle, a cooperative that links residents with farmers that grow and […]

Fast Whole-Food Munchies

Tasty Homemade Alternatives to Junk Food Judith Fertig   photo courtesy of Ella Leché/Andrews McMeel Publishing Planning ahead is an effective key to healthy eating and weight management. Having healthy snacks available, both savory and naturally sweet, helps us to conquer cravings and avoid a sugar rush—or slump. Between-meal nutritious and delicious snacks can be […]

Surf to Turf: U.S. Farmed Seafood That’s Safe and Sustainable

JUDITH FERTIG Wild-caught fish from pure waters is the gold standard of seafood, but sustainable populations from healthy waters are shrinking. That’s one reason why fish farms are appearing in unusual places—barramundi flourish on a Nebraska cattle ranch, shrimp in chilly Massachusetts and inland tilapia in Southern California. With the demand for seafood outpacing what […]

Lower Breast Cancer Risk by Eating Colorful Veggies

Cut Your Risk in Half Research published in the British Journal of Nutrition discovered that the risk of breast cancer decreases with increased consumption of specific dietary carotenoids, the pigments in some vegetables and fruits. The research was based on five years of tracking 1,122 women in Guangdong, China; half of them had been diagnosed with breast […]

Indian Vegetarian Cooking: Potent Spices and Veggies Fend Off Disease

by Bushra Bajwa  Vegetarians seeking flavorful variations can turn to 9,000 Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi grocery stores nationwide. “We are now seeing 20 percent non-Indian customers in our store,” says Vipul Patel, owner of the Louisville, Kentucky, branch of Patel Brothers, the largest Indian U.S. grocery store chain. “Usually, new customers come in with an […]

The Food Babe: Vani Hari Gets the Facts Out of Food Industry Giants

by Lisa Moore As the author of, a blog that investigates methods and ingredients used by the American food industry, Charlotte native Vani Hari has taken on some of the best-known names in the food industry. Armed with her Food Babe Army that signs petitions, calls company headquarters and share her investigations with the […]

Sowing the Seeds of Health with Urban Farmer Robin Emmons

In 2008, after helping her troubled brother settle into a mental health facility, Robin Emmons witnessed his physical health decline due to a diet consisting mainly of canned and sugary foods because the center couldn’t afford freshly grown produce. Having just left corporate America after 20 years in the finance sector, Emmons grabbed her shovel […]

Sweet Poison: Breaking the Sugar Addiction

by Tracey Fox Sweet tastes are one of life’s little pleasures. Our desire for sweetness has gone from vine ripened fruits at harvest time to grocery stores, mini marts, and vending machines ready to feed our sugar cravings 24 hours a day. Not only do we eat way too much sugar, we drink way too much sugar. Diet […]

Fern Chef Lets Natural Flavors Shine in Dishes

Celery Takes Center Stage With a strong focus towards serving whole foods, Chef Drew Trepanier’s philosophy towards cooking has changed a lot since he came to Fern.  “My general approach to food used to be to show off the skills and techniques I had learned to make something that tasted nice but in no way […]

Chocolate as Health Food: Boosting Diets and Heart Health

by Judith Fertig “Research tells us that 14 out of any 10 individuals like chocolate,” quips cartoonist Sandra Boynton. American chocolate lovers buy 58 million-plus pounds around Valentine’s Day, according to Nielsen Research. Ideally, the dark treat would be as healthy as a salad or an apple. Fortunately, accumulating research is on the way to […]