Master the Mind to Master the Game

Aimee Hughes   <img src=”/images/cache/cache_b/cache_f/cache_7/Golf-Zen-a98587fb.jpeg?ver=1466198724&aspectratio=1.9591836734694″ alt=””> “I remember the moment I had what I call my ‘golf game epiphany,’” recalls Steve Hughes, a passionate golfer from Richmond, Missouri. “I realized that my main obstacles were in my head, and from that day on, my golf game changed.” In any athletic or fitness endeavor, the pursuit […]

Buff and Balanced

Bodybuilders Turn to Yoga Aimee Hughes We don’t typically envision iron-pumping bodybuilders also flowing and breathing through yoga postures, yet many are combining these complementary disciplines to realize huge benefits. Competitive Edge Nicolina Sandstedt, a yoga teacher trainer and anatomy expert with the Yandara Yoga Institute, in Baja, Mexico, observes, “The body awareness and alignment […]

Yoga Month: 10 Reasons to Try Yoga in September

This month, yoga studios and instructors around the world are hosting events to introduce people to yoga, the 5,000-year-old practice that is their passion. Individuals can choose from many schools and yoga styles to find those best suited to their body type, personality and stage of life and fitness. While instructional approaches to the yoga […]

Too Much Togetherness? Exercise Helps Keep Family Holidays Merry

by SARAH TODD Given family hopes and often unrealistic expectations that everything will go perfectly, holiday gatherings can sometimes be a recipe for untoward stress. One of the best ways to keep potential ’tis-the-season tensions under control is to carve out some time for exercise, a move supported by research findings at Princeton University. Other […]

Fitness Myths Debunked

11 Vital Truths by Lynda Bassett The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has concluded that more than a third of Americans today are overweight. Yet it also reports that at least 30 percent of us don’t exercise at all, perhaps partly due to persistent fitness myths. Myth 1: Lack of Opportunity Even […]

Breathe Easier

Try These Tips for Better Workouts To get the most out of every breath, follow these exercise tips from acknowledged experts. Running With closed lips, breathe in sharply and deeply through the nose. Then purse the lips as if trying to blow out a candle and exhale through the mouth. While running, breathe in for […]

A Brain-Building Blueprint: How to Keep the Mind Young and Memory Sharp

by Lisa Marshall “Have you seen my keys?” “Now, why did I come in here?” “Her name is on the tip of my tongue.” If you catch yourself uttering such phrases, listen up: “Memory generally starts to decline in our 30s, as the brain shrinks with age. One of the first and most prominent signs […]

The Upside of Downhill Skiing – Make the Most of Peak Experiences

by Randy Kambic Snow brings fresh fun with winter sports and recreation. Cross-country skiing and snowboarding are healthy options, but neither offers the scope and variety in terrain, movement and exercise afforded by the perennial favorite of alpine downhill skiing. Jen Butson, public affairs director of the Vermont Ski Areas Association, representing 48 facilities, believes […]

Our Worst Fitness Habits: Six Roadblocks to Sidestep

by Tosca Reno We all know that working out is beneficial. But how you work out makes all the difference in staying safe, seeing better results and keeping your body balanced. Here’s how to make sure you aren’t sabotaging a good workout. 1. Bad form. Correct form is your safety net. Once you compromise the […]

Aligning for Fitness – Chiropractic Care Prevents Injury, Boosts Performance

by Linda Sechrist October is National Chiropractic Health Month What do distinguished athletes like Jerry Rice, a Hall of Fame retired wide receiver and three-time Super Bowl champion, and Lance Armstrong, a former professional road racing cyclist and seven-time Tour de France winner, have in common? To withstand the rigors and intensity of each of […]