Weight-Loss Saboteurs

Tackling Obesity’s Hidden Causes by Lisa Marshall Eat less, move more. These words have been the cornerstone of diet advice for decades, leading millions of Americans to greet the new year with vows to cut calories and hit the gym. In all, one in five U.S. adults are dieting at any given time, according to […]

Affordable Complementary Care

Alternatives to Insurance Cost Less by Meredith Montgomery   The latest National Health Interview Survey available, from 2012, shows an annual expenditure of $30.2 billion in out-of-pocket costs for complementary health approaches, benefiting 33 percent of adults and 12 percent of children, and representing about 10 percent of out-of-pocket U.S. healthcare costs. Insurance rarely covers […]

Healthy and Wealthy

Staying Well On A Budget-Naturally by Michelle Bense With the new year comes plenty of old advice. Everywhere we look, there are reminders to join the gym, stop eating junk food, get a juicer, take new supplements, only eat organic—i.e. more expensive—and devote time and energy to consciously making a whole set of different choices. […]

Transforming Tattoos

Haylo Healing Arts Lounge Shifts the Stereotype of Permanent Ink by Kimberly Lawson Long before red hearts with the word “Mom” in the center became popular body art, people turned to tattooing for healing. The second oldest evidence of tattooing can be found on the body of a 5,300-year-old mummy named “Iceman,” and its purposes […]

Heal Adrenal Fatigue Naturally

Practical Ways to Regain Vitality by Linda Sechrist Fatigue due to physical or mental exertion is common in those beleaguered by stress, poor eating habits and insomnia, struggling to balance the needs of family and career and too often using caffeine and other stimulants to artificially rebound energy. James L. Wilson, Ph.D., a doctor of […]

Loving Large

Scientists Say We’re All Connected by Linda Sechrist True love is not something reserved exclusively for soulmates, couples, children, friends or family. Observations by sages for millennia and by enlightened scientists more recently are increasingly aligned with the point of view articulated by renowned meditation teacher Jack Kornfield that true love and awareness—a sense of universal […]

Feel-Good Shopping

A Charlotte Gift Guide for the Green by Kimberly Lawson   As the gift giving season descends upon us, now’s as good a time as any to support a local business. According to the American Independent Business Alliance, shopping locally is not only good for the community, but it can also prove to be a […]

Stay Sharp

Powerful Ways to Avoid Mental Decline by Lisa Marshall A slow descent into dementia seemed inevitable for a 66-year-old man that had been misplacing his keys, missing appointments and struggling at work. He failed doctor-administered cognitive quizzes and tested positive for a gene variant linked to an exponentially higher risk of Alzheimer’s disease. A brain scan […]

Mindful Options for Meditation in Charlotte

by Kimberly Lawson Americans work more than anyone else in the industrialized world, and that’s certainly no different in Charlotte. Thanks to the constant bombardment of emails, phone calls and meetings, it doesn’t take long to become stressed, unhappy and ultimately unproductive. But through meditation and mindfulness, a person can become more aware of what’s […]

Workplace Wisdom

Mindfulness in Corporate Life by April Thompson The workplace can be filled with stress, egos and distractions that challenge the productive and happy atmosphere we desire. Both employees and employers are adopting mindfulness to help cope and transform both themselves and their work environment. Rooted in Eastern philosophies like Buddhism, most workplace mindfulness programs have […]