Holistic Nutrition

Gut Reaction

Dr. Michael Smith Talks Food Sensitivities by Kimberly Lawson We all have food sensitivities—even the healthiest among us. The problem is that most people don’t even realize they’re living with them. “It tends to be the things we’re eating every single day, so we’re always reacting,” says Dr. Michael Smith, a naturopathic physician who’s been […]

Healthy and Wealthy

Staying Well On A Budget-Naturally by Michelle Bense With the new year comes plenty of old advice. Everywhere we look, there are reminders to join the gym, stop eating junk food, get a juicer, take new supplements, only eat organic—i.e. more expensive—and devote time and energy to consciously making a whole set of different choices. […]

Holistic Doctor of Charlotte to Present Free Lecture

  Dr. Arthur I. Cushing, D.C., D.Ch., C.N.C., F.S.A.C., of Holistic Doctor of Charlotte, will deliver a free lecture on rapid, bio-energetic methods to heal leaky gut, irritable bowel syndrome and food allergies from 2 to 4 p.m. on January 20 at the Unity of Charlotte facility located in Charlotte. Attendees will learn both the […]