Naturopathic Medicine

A Whole-Person Approach to Managing Diabetes

by Dave Hamilton Diabetes is commonly simplified as a genetic or biochemical malfunction, but lifestyle, diet, length of time diagnosed and what medications or supplements patients are taking are all important factors. There are three pillars to health: the physical, the mental/emotional and the spiritual. When one or more of these pillars is off balance, […]

Dr. Leang K. Eap, ND

Naturopathic Physician Dr. Leang K. Eap, ND 704-527-8089 4724 Park Road, Ste B Charlotte, NC 28209 704-527-8089 20 years experience in helping people optimizing their health by addressing the root of the problem. Treatments tailored to the individual (not to the disease) with natural safe and effective remedies- Naturopathy, Chinese Medicine, Kinesiology, Homeopathy, Aromatherapy, Nutrition, Botanicals,…. Specializing […]


ANCB Board Certified Traditional Naturopath Certified Live Blood Cell Analysis Certified Brimhall Practitioner Certified Lymphatic Tissue Detoxification 704-938-1589 With nearly two decades of clinical research as a healthcare provider and educator; Dr. Hurley is confident that no matter what your complaints are that she and her team at Hurley Wellness Center can help you […]


1819 Charlotte Drive Charlotte, NC 704-960-1828 Parkes Holistic Health is a full service Naturopathic Medicine Practice.  Dr. Parkes offers whole food nutrition, weight loss, detoxification, chronic disease management and homeopathy.

Gut Reaction

Dr. Michael Smith Talks Food Sensitivities by Kimberly Lawson We all have food sensitivities—even the healthiest among us. The problem is that most people don’t even realize they’re living with them. “It tends to be the things we’re eating every single day, so we’re always reacting,” says Dr. Michael Smith, a naturopathic physician who’s been […]

Healthy and Wealthy

Staying Well On A Budget-Naturally by Michelle Bense With the new year comes plenty of old advice. Everywhere we look, there are reminders to join the gym, stop eating junk food, get a juicer, take new supplements, only eat organic—i.e. more expensive—and devote time and energy to consciously making a whole set of different choices. […]


10130 Mallard Creek Rd Suite 300 Charlotte, NC 28262 (704) 845-5705 Total wellness addresses mind, body and spirit.  We offer Naturopathy and Tele-Health Consultations, Biofeedback, Hypnosis, Effective and Focused Prayer/Life Coaching.


Carolinas Natural Health Center 1126 Sam Newell Road Matthews, NC 28105(704) 708-4404 Providing whole family healthcare.  Specializing in classical homeopathy and clinical nutrition.  Treating people with conditions ranging from diabetes to ADHD.  Restoring health naturally!

Two Wellness Dinner Seminars in Prineville

Dr. Michael Smith, a national speaker, leading wellness expert and founder of Carolinas Natural Health Center in Matthews, will present two free dinner seminars this month, both starting at 6:30 p.m. at Harper’s Restaurant in Pineville. He’ll be speaking about Reversing Diabetes on November 7 and How to Improve Your Health by Healing Your Gut on November 28. […]