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Natural Awakenings Charlotte

Bikram Yoga Sequence Online/ Live

Systematic approach to Hatha Yoga working 100% of your body

Stretch, improve balance, strength, stamina range of movement & brain to body communication in this systematic approach to Hatha Yoga. Postures are specifically tailored to the western lifestyle of longs periods of sitting with spine compressed, shoulders rounded forward & every thing tightening in the body from stress. 

Each posture prepares the body to go deeper into the core of the body by pre exhausting larger muscles before moving deep into the core of the body. Improving the strength & flexibility of the Spine is at the core of this practice. For all levels. Start where you are and work with what you have, you’ll amaze yourself at what you can do in a very short period of time. This practice pairs well with Traditional Hatha Yoga which offers variety of sequences.  Led by Bikram Certified & 20 years of teaching Yoga experienced Yoga Instructor Elaine Parker.

Date & Time

Weekly on Saturday

Jun 26, 2021 through Dec 29, 2021

10:00AM - 11:00AM

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Virtual Event

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$10 per session packages available

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