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Natural Awakenings Charlotte

Natural Blues Singer Robin Rogers

Thrives with Naturopathic Protocol

When local blues vocalist Robin Rogers was diagnosed in 2001 with Hepatitis C, she feared her life was over. Rogers, who lives in Dallas, NC, sought the standard medical treatment regimen for the blood-borne, chronic disease that is potentially fatal. She soon discovered her treatment was as toxic as chemotherapy. Eventually she developed anemia, which led to taking even more prescription drugs.

Weak and exhausted, Rogers decided to research alternative options for her care. She started seeing a local naturopath who prescribed a supplemental and dietary protocol. Rogers was empowered by the incredible results.

“I felt better immediately. It was as though something had been missing in my body and now there was a completeness,” said the singer whose voice has been compared to Bonnie Raitt and Janis Joplin’s. “I’ve learned that a holistic approach actually supports and strengthens my immune system as opposed to tearing it down.”

Traditional drug therapy has a 48-50% chance of a cure and if it’s ineffective the next step can be liver replacement and "staying on immunosuppressant, steroid-based drugs all your life and you can’t get sick because your immune system is compromised, " explained Rogers. “ I don’t think people realize how much they can revitalize their bodies using food, supplements and fitness. I wish more doctors were open to alternative modalities.”

Rogers hopes to raise awareness of Hepatitis C because many people experience mild or no symptoms and are unaware they have it. “If I had been diagnosed earlier with routine blood work, I would have been able to slow it down. The results in my tests after using a holistic approach were so significant my gastroenterologist could hardly believe it. You can manage this disease and live a normal life,” she said.

Robin Rogers was the Blues Foundation's 2005 winner of the "Best Self-Produced CD" Award and finalist in the 2004 International Blues Challenge. Visit to see where she is performing in Charlotte.

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