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MOON MAGIC Astrological Timing for Success – December 2008

Dec 02, 2008 06:07PM
December begins with a spectacular conjunction of Venus and Jupiter – the most fortunate pairing of planets – along with the waxing Crescent Moon.

The Moon is a lens magnifying all she draws near. A month that begins with Venus conjunct the Moon is a month given to love. Attuning to Venus helps open hearts and harmonize relationships: simply focus on the light of the ‘evening star’ and breathe deeply to receive the blessings of Venus. Send energy to others by bringing them to mind in this time.

The positive effect of Jupiter is lessened this month while the usually jovial king of the planets remains in Capricorn. Jupiter in the sign of Saturn (the scythe) is the reason for the great economic pruning this year. The turn around comes following Jupiter’s passage into Aquarius on January 5. This will be a date to celebrate.

The main events coming up soon are the Dec 12 Full Moon, the Winter Solstice on Dec 21, Christmas and the 12 Days of Yule beginning on Dec 26. Yuletide festivities conclude with the 12th Night ‘Feast of Fools’ Jan 5. This is a great party night and an ideal alternative gift giving day as it honors the gifts of the Three Kings as well as the ancient Egyptian ‘Korion.’ Many will be shifting their gift giving to the 12th Day of Christmas this year.

The Crescent New Moon A Time to Sow - Dec 1-3

The portents are great, whatever is begun in this time is apt to succeed.

Moon at the Equator/ Lunar Zero Point North A Magic Window -Dec 5

Lunar 0 Points are cosmic balance times great for meditation or creative imagining. Moon at the Equator moving North is like Spring Equinox in the year. This is a good time to initiate or to put new ideas on the air. The magic window opens for about two hours from 6:30-8:30 pm.

First Quarter Moon Decision Time- Dec 6

The 1st Quarter Moon looks like a scythe cutting across the sky. This is a time for decision, a time for cutting away false ways and for empowering the true. This Moon phase is most important in bringing about change.

Moon Out of Bounds North Open Minded and Imaginative - Dec 10-14

During this time people are generally more open-minded and can enter “the higher world” where they are more free and imaginative. New ideas are more easily and successfully shared. This time is ideal for business meetings or social gatherings. It is a time to make announcements, do promotions and to bring new discoveries to light.

Sun in Sagittarius Full Moon Stay Balanced to Receive -Dec 11-13

A Full Moon Out of Bounds North is very powerful and generally positive. But we do need to take heed of the bearish Mars/Uranus and Sun/Saturn squares during this time. Mars/Uranus is like the Tower card in Tarot. While it may be useful in bringing change, it can be dangerous when misapplied. Mars/Uranus square inclines to accidents if emotions run wild. Keep emotional balance, take time to celebrate and all goes well. Meditation, chanting, drumming, dancing can help open to receive. Spiritual energies continue to flow during the three days following the Full Moon. Revelations may come in dreams, "chance encounters," or sudden flashes of inspiration. Stay tuned.

Winter Solstice Seeding the New Year – Dec 21

Known as the longest night of the year, the Winter Solstice is honored by many traditions as a sacred and rich time. In the past, it's been a night to gather 'round the fire, or set out candles to call back the Sun. The Druids called this the Festival of Liberation, the ‘Day Out of Time’ when mistletoe is gathered. The Winter Solstice (“still standing Sun”) continues for 3-4 days until the Sun begins to move northward again on Christmas Day.

Balsamic Moon Make a Wish - Dec 23-25

The Balsamic Moon or ‘Wishing Moon’ is the best time for putting wishes on the air and for bringing people to mind that need healing. Wishes made at the Balsamic Moon come to fulfillment at the Full.

Moon Out of Bounds South Go Beneath the Surface - Dec 23-28

When the Moon travels the “underworld,” our inner world is illuminated and the unconscious is energized. Individual, group and global patterns of belief and behavior become revealed and may be reformed. We may experience emotional challenges relating to any area of life where we’ve been blocked or where we are hiding from ourselves. This is a time to go beneath the surface, to do research, change habits and renovate our inner life.

Christmas Day Magic Time - Dec 25

Christmas is Dies Invictus Solis, ‘the Day of the Unconquerable Sun,’ when the Sun begins to move again after Winter Solstice. There is a great mystery about this day when the spiritual Light of the World is renewed. This new light becomes manifest on Epiphany Jan 6, the last spoke in the wheel of Yule. Christmas celebrates the birth of Christ, the Egyptian god Horus, the Phrygian god Attis and the Persean Mithras. All represent the solar logos reborn on Earth each year at midnight Christmas Eve.

Dark of the Moon Look Within - Dec 26-28

The ‘Dark of the Moon’ is a 3-day period beginning the day before the New Moon and ending at Sunset the day after when the crescent becomes visible. While generally unfavorable for outward activity, these three days are ideal for gaining insight through quiet reflection. The New Moon is like a cosmic spring from which to draw new vital energy and good luck. The spring flows best when we slow down, take time off and go within. This is also a good time to clear (smudge, etc.) the home to make way for the new lunar cycle.

Crescent New Moon A Time to Sow – Dec 28-31

The lunar crescent first appears Dec 28 close by Mercury. On Dec 29 the waxing crescent shines close by Jupiter - a good omen for the coming month and year. Anything begun in this time is likely to be successful

The New Moon tide energizes whatever it touches, and now is the time to put forward what we wish to be empowered. Social gatherings and all new initiatives are favored during this Crescent Moon. Happy New Year!

Steve Nelson is a professional astrologer who uses tarot, name analysis, and traditional astrology to help clients realize natural talents and understand personal myths. He may be reached at 704-375-3759 or [email protected]

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