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Good Vibrations - Crystals are nature’s tools for healing

By:  Lisa Moore

While many people hit Starbucks for a cup of joe to get their day going, Carroll Downing slips a crystal in her pocket to align her energy and become focused and peaceful for her everyday tasks.

“I find it very comforting in the midst of a stressful moment to just reach into my pocket and feel the grounding and calming effects of holding a piece of the universe in my hand,” says the 61-year-old grandmother from Waxhaw.

The ancient Egyptian, Chinese, Hebrew, Mayan and Indian civilizations used crystals and gemstones as powerful healing tools to correct physical, mental and emotional imbalances. Today, these vibrant gifts from nature are becoming a cornerstone of energy medicine.

Michael Katz, author of Gemstone Energy Medicine, says that over a decade of clinical experience has determined that crystal healing therapy works both as a primary treatment or as a complement to other healing modalities. “Emotional maladies, mental complaints, and acute and chronic illnesses have responded to these therapies in unprecedented and exciting ways,” says Katz.

Crystals work on a very subtle level to remove underlying energetic imbalances. Physics states that all matter is energy in physical form and because the earth’s gemstones are formed for eons, they embody intense concentrations of energy. The human body is made up of a complex electromagnetic system, known as the vibrational energy system. Crystals constitute and comprise the very essence of our physical and energetic composition and are perfect energetic conductors.

Crystals are found in various shapes, sizes, colors and composition and their therapeutic qualities are determined by mineral content, inherent geometry and the color frequency they emit. Each crystal is a transformational tool with a unique vibrational resonance that may restore balance to each of the body’s seven chakras or energy centers that have their own functions for maintaining health. When the energy in these centers becomes stagnant or blocked, symptoms of illness manifest. Crystals assist in enhancing energy flow with both their vibration and color.

A single rainbow color is attributed to each of the chakras. The color correspondences of the chakra system can be combined with the color of crystals for a simple healing system. Appropriate crystals can be placed on or near the energy center to restore healthy functioning.

For example, the use of red stones like ruby or red coral at the root chakra near the base of the spine can balance physical energy, motivation and practicality, helping one feel more grounded. Likewise, the fifth chakra, located at the throat, can benefit from blue stones like sapphire to ease communication difficulties and enhance expression.

Crystals can be effectively used in many ways: They can be strategically placed in areas such as bedrooms or workspaces to shift the environment in a more positive direction or placed under a pillow or on a nightstand for restful sleep. On a deep level they can amplify feelings, thoughts and vibrations and can be used to let go of attitudes and habits that are not beneficial, to promote peace and tranquility and to reduce stress.

“I started by just holding the crystals and asking for the properties of serenity, energy and peace of mind,” says Downing. “Now I am learning different ways to use them for health issues, guidance, sleep, spiritual growth, meditation and gratitude.”

Debbie Gregor, a crystal energy practitioner and owner of Swanwarrior Healing Arts in Charlotte, says she works with the crystals as allies to help her clients communicate and connect with higher levels of consciousness and existence. In her practice, Gregor works with many different crystals based on the client’s intention and the body’s subtle energy fields in a process she calls Awakening to release blocked energy.

She also uses energy grids - a combination of crystals and neutrally charged brass rings in sacred geometric configurations specific to the client’s concerns. This system blends the energies of multiple crystals together to manifest a powerful synergistic effect. Clients lie fully clothed on a massage table over the crystal grid for a specified period of time with soft music playing and essential oils and flower essences complementing the experience.

The majority of people report they can feel energy moving. “One client felt energy from her back, which had been bothering her, shoot down her legs and out her feet,” says Gregor, a holistic nurse who has worked with crystals for 17 years. “Another reported seeing her cells rotate differently and change color.” Some experience past life recall, major insights and emotional releases as well.

Downing believes that crystals, like humans, are a part of the web of connection and can act as intermediaries to promote healing. “Crystals are just as unique as we are and will respond to each of us according to our particular wants and needs. They bring me joy every day just by their presence in my life.”

For more information on crystal healing and upcoming workshops contact Debbie Gregor at 704-960-8295.

Lisa Moore is a freelance journalist in Charlotte, NC. She wrote this article with a piece of amazonite on her desk to enhance communication.

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