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Alternative Healing Stones


by Jay Workman

Mineral jewelry can do more than adorn the body; some people use crystals and other gems to promote wellness. Two factors are at work: the crystalline structure of a stone and its color.

Many believe that quartz and other types of crystals can be used to bring the body’s energy meridians and seven energy centers, or chakras, into alignment. Colors work on a subconscious, complementary, level to address psychological issues.

Certain stones have become associated with specific chakras, as follows: First chakra – The Root: red. Garnet, ruby, red jasper. Second chakra – The Navel: orange. Carnelian, orange zincite. Third chakra – The Solar Plexus: yellow. Citrine, yellow sapphire, yellow topaz. Fourth chakra – The Heart: green. Emerald or green tourmaline. Fifth chakra –The Throat: light blue. Aquamarine or turquoise. Sixth chakra – The Third Eye: dark blue. Blue sapphire or lapis lazuli. Seventh chakra – The Crown: purple. Amethyst or quartz.

Remember to verify the source of any gemstones acquired to ensure that they come from humanitarian, fair trade sources.

Source: Mike and Diane McKnight, in Sun City, AZ. Connect at 480-614-5365 or

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