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Animal Communication - Interview with a Pet Psychic

by Lisa Moore

When Anne C.’s dog became very sick, she decided to contact Bebe Daniel a Charlotte-based animal communicator to help her get to the bottom of it. “With Bebe's insights and knowledge, I was able to tell the vet his real symptoms quickly for what turned out to be a reaction to a drug prescribed for an ear infection,” she said.

“Bebe was also able to identify and help my dog with other behaviors related to fears and emotions that I had been addressing with various professionals for a year,” said the Concord resident. “"I believe some divine guidance was involved the day I found Bebe.”

If Dr. Doolittle could do it, than why can’t we learn to talk to the animals? Daniel, who has worked professionally for over 20 years as an animal communicator, says we all have the ability to tap into this telepathic interspecies communication that is the universal language among animals. She talked with Natural Awakenings about her experiences.

When did you realize you had the ability to communicate with animals?

In college I had an experience with an elephant in the local zoo. As I stood in front of her I recalled an article in the paper about a recent flash flood that killed many of the animals in the zoo, including a goat that was the best friend of this elephant. As I “saw” the incident in my mind, the elephant, who had been quiet, suddenly trumpeted and charged me, very upset. This was my “ah-ha” moment - she had read my mind and I realized we could communicate with animals. I apologized profusely realizing I had reminded her of this terrible tragedy and left immediately. From that moment on I dedicated myself to learning how this communication worked.

In what ways do animals communicate?

There are three ways animals communicate. The first is by sending an image of what they want you to know. So if thirsty, your animal friend might send you an image of an empty water bowl. Unconsciously you receive it and say to yourself, "I wonder if Maggie has water." Then you go look and sure enough the water is low, empty or dirty.

Animals might also send you a feeling. This could be physical (like pain) or emotional (joy, anger). A subtler way is to send an energy that you might receive as a "knowing." Suddenly you just know something is true that needs to be dealt with immediately. We all receive these messages, but often do not realize it consciously or may discount the reception believing we just thought, made up or guessed it.

How do you talk with animals?

When I communicate I get a quiet mind and begin by connecting through the heart. If in person, I go straight to the animal. If I’m working long distance, I usually go through the primary caretaker and their own heart connection. Once connected to the animal my link to the human must be released to allow a clear reception. I usually work in a conference call setting by telephone where the person asks the questions and I interpret the answers. Often the animal has his own things to say as well. I find this manner of consult brings both parties closer to one another.

Sometimes I see images. I get physical and emotional feelings that I must put into words and I also receive through smell, taste, knowing and energy. I have the ability to describe physical feelings or symptoms of an illness. I cannot treat illness or in any way replace a vet's service, but in some cases I can assist in clarifying behaviors and appearances.

What kinds of issues do people contact you about?

People contact me for all kinds of reasons. Some are at the end of their rope even when they do not believe in what I do. Many call for help with behavioral problems-everything from anxiety and elimination issues to destruction and physical changes. Some need assistance when a vet cannot identify the issues. Others contact me for closure when an animal is dying or has left the body already. There are even those who call just to check in with their animal friend. Most people can see a change in behavior or attitude of the animal just because the animal feels respected by a new attempt to understand them.

How can we learn to communicate with our animals?

I consider it part of my path to assist others who are ready to bring to consciousness their own ability to do this. We are all born with the ability, but it has been conditioned out of us. I advise people to begin with an open heart and learn first to quiet the "talk radio" going on in their heads. Meditation is the fastest way to do this, even if you start with one to five minutes at a time. Turn off your television, radio, computer, telephone and iPod. Get quiet and learn to listen, this is how you can hear the animals. They have amazing insights and can really change our perspective.

For more information on animal communication and local workshops, Bebe Daniel can be contacted at or (704) 568-4580.

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