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Moon Magic - March 2009

Mar 18, 2009 10:00PM
MOON MAGIC Astrological Timing for Success – March 2009

The Year ebbs and flows like an ocean tide. The tide comes in at the Spring Equinox and rises upward to Summer Solstice. Life energy is most outgoing at this peak of the year. Sap rising in plant stems and worms rising out of the earth in Spring are natural metaphors for the primal energy rising within us.

March comes in like a wild lion and it goes out as a lion trained to purpose. This month is about enlivening and focusing our creative energies starting with a powerful Mars joined with brilliant Mercury in Aquarius on Mar 1. One of 2009’s best highlights is the New Venus on Friday Mar 27. This evening will be one of the most magical of the year.

Mar 2-6- Open-Minded and Imaginative Moon Out of Bounds North During this time people are more open-minded, free and imaginative. New ideas are more easily and successfully shared. This time is ideal for business meetings, announcements and social gatherings.

Mar 4 – Releasing the Old, Powering the New 1st Quarter Moon The 1st Quarter Moon cuts across the night sky calling us to cut free of old ways and open to the new and true. This Moon brings Change.

Mar 10 - Illumination Pisces / Purim / Holi Full Moon Purim is a raucous ritual of purification celebrated with masquerade and noise-making to banish the evil Hanuman. Holi is a light-hearted Hindu fire festival that combines play with the purpose of burning up the old year to usher in the new. Each Full Moon is a time of revelation and an opportunity for healing body, mind and soul. Meditation, chanting, drumming, dancing - all help open to receive.

Mar 10 – Surrender to Spirit Moon at the Equator / Lunar Zero Point South Lunar 0 Points are cosmic balance times ideal for meditation or creative imagining. This one is good for letting go of old ways and surrendering to spirit before entering the underworld vision quest. The magic portal opens from 10:39 pm – 12:38 am.

Mar 13 – Pattern Breaking Time Friday the 13th / Sun Conjunct Uranus Some may think Friday the 13th is unlucky because of attachment to old forms that stand in the way of emerging new life. Thirteen is key to letting go the old and opening to new creation. Every Friday is a day of Venus, a day of grace, love and beauty. Friday the 13th is very special because on this day Lady Venus clears from the world all that stands in the way of true Love.

Mar 15-20 - Energize the Unconscious Moon Out of Bounds South When the Moon travels the ‘underworld,’ our inner world is illuminated and the unconscious is energized. Individual, group and global patterns of belief and behavior become revealed and may more easily be reformed. This is a time to go beneath the surface, time to do research, change habits and renovate our inner life.

Mar 17 – The Luck of the Irish St. Patrick’s Day It was Patrick who drove the snakes from Ireland with his drum. Drumming is used for breaking up psychic congestion and freeing vital creative forces. St. Patrick's Day reminds us this is the time to drum out the snakes.

Mar 20 - Rebirth and Fertility Spring Equinox As sap flows up through plant stems, so vital energies flow upward within us opening up new possibilities like Spring flowers. Only on this day can an egg be stood on end - all creation is in balance. This is a time for singing, chanting, drumming and dancing. Making a joyful noise now brings joy for the whole (zodiacal) year. Breathe deep and power your dreams.

Mar 20 – Open to Receive Equinox Gate of Inspiration / Thalia Muse A Gate of Inspiration occurs every 40 days. Before the Gate  shadows arise to be dispelled. Whatever is blocking the way is revealed in the time before it. Moving through the gate, we breathe deeply until we breathe freely, letting go old fears and doubts and so becoming present to the spiritual power and promise of the new time.

Mar 22-24 - Make a Wish and Party Balsamic Moon / Carnival This is the best time for putting wishes on the air and for bringing people to mind for healing. Wishes made with feeling may be fulfilled when the Moon is Full (Apr 9). Spring Equinox celebration continues.

Mar 25 - A New Creation Festival of Eostre / Lady Day The energy of Spring Equinox peaks on March 25 on Lady Day or the Feast of Annunciation when the birth of a new creation is announced. March 25th is the Anglo-Saxon Festival of Eostre, the goddess of Spring. Her magic rabbit, the March Hare, lays the ‘world egg’ containing all that is to be in this cycle.

Mar 25-Cosmic Balance Time Moon at the Equator / Lunar Zero Point North This is a great time for meditation or creative imagining. The magic window opens from 8:06 – 10:06 pm.

Mar 25-27 – Time to Look Within Dark of the Moon While generally unfavorable for most outward activities, these three days are ideal for gaining insight through looking within. The spring flows freely when we slow down, take time off and go inward. This is also a good time to clear (smudge, clean etc.) the home to make way for the new lunar cycle.

Mar 27 – Time to Sow / New Love Crescent New Moon / New Venus The Moon rules the ocean and the plane of emotion. A great new tide comes in with this 1st Spring Moon. This lunar cycle offers opportunities for realizing our hopes and dreams. This is a time to speak up, let needs be known and announce intentions to the world. Think thoughts that invoke peace and abundance for all the world.

Mar 29-Apr 2- Open-Minded and Imaginative Moon Out of Bounds North During this time people are more open-minded, free and imaginative. New ideas are more easily and successfully shared. This time is ideal for business meetings, announcements and social gatherings. Happy Spring, Happy New Venus!

Steve Nelson is a professional astrologer who uses tarot, name analysis, and traditional astrology to help clients realize natural talents and understand personal myths. He may be reached at 704-375-3759 or [email protected]

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