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Broccoli Helps Keep Prostate Cancer at Bay

Nov 04, 2009 06:06PM

An Institute of Food Research study now shows that eating one or more portions of broccoli every week can reduce the risk of prostate cancer and prevent localized cancer from becoming more aggressive. It turns out that broccoli, as well as other cruciferous vegetables, such as Brussels sprouts, affect genes by changing cell-signaling pathways, thereby reducing the risk of developing and spreading cancer.

The study of 400 men at risk for developing prostate cancer took place over the course of 12 months. Participants ate either 400 grams of broccoli or 400 grams of peas each week, in addition to their normal diet. Based on before-and-after tissue samples taken from their prostate gland, researchers found more changes in gene expression in the men who ate the broccoli than in those eating the peas.

Source: Public Library of Science, 2008

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