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News Briefs - December 2009

Nov 29, 2009 03:52PM
Holiday Awareness Self Defense Seminar

Every holiday season crime peaks. This is also the time your awareness should peak. Learn to protect yourself with simple and practical techniques at a Holiday Self Defense Seminar on Dec 12.

“People who are robbed are usually caught off guard,” says instructor Amur El. “This class will help sharpen your awareness skills. Learning self defense techniques will make you more confident and more likely to come out on top during an attack.”

This seminar will be held at Kelly O’Shea’s Performing Arts Studio, 5040 Hwy 49 South, Suite B in Harrisburg from 11am-1pm. Cost is $35. For more information visit or call


World Healing Day Dec 31 A planetary affirmation of peace

On Dec 31, join with millions of people in temples, synagogues, organizations as well as individuals throughout the world to pray for and envision peace together simultaneously. Started in 1986, World Healing Day is a synchronized effort to unite in a world peace meditation. Noon Greenwich time (7am EST) was selected as the time for the healing meditation as it would encompass all time zones during that 24-hour period.

“In this time of Awakening Consciousness we are each beginning to learn our interconnectedness with all of life,” says Rev. Christy Snow, of The Spiritual Living Center of Charlotte who is hosting the event. “Our goal is to include as many faith traditions as possible to bring our hearts and minds together for the purpose of creating peace.” World Healing Day will take place at 7am (breakfast at 8 ) at Actor’s Theatre of Charlotte, 650 E Stonewall St. Info: 704-665-1886 or www. To learn more about World Healing Day visit


Total Body Analysis Sessions Jan 8 Kinesiology and homeopathy for healing

Erica Ohliger, Medicine Woman/Spiritual Leader of the Nemenhah (Oklevueha NAC of Sanpete) and founder of Ancient Healings, will be in Charlotte on Jan 8th to offer Total Body Analysis (TBA) sessions.

Ancient Healings represents the idea that all things are truly interrelated and connected, and that taken as a whole create health and balanced systems. Ohliger gained wisdom from an illness that led to a long and intense journey of healing. She says her experience combined with life experiences and a spiritual awakening created the foundation of Ancient Healings.

TBA sessions use kinesiology, a modality based on human electromagnetics. The TBA protocol helps to locate physical, emotional and spiritual toxins in the body. Ohliger is then able to locate the organs or glands harboring or being negatively affected by the toxin and the nutrition needed to support the areas of concern.

“At that point a customized detoxification remedy is made using safe, classical homeopathy to antidote the toxins from the specific tissues that might be negatively affected by the toxin in the body,” states Ohliger. “Toxins are not just physical, but emotional and spiritual as well. This is vibrational medicine and works energetically.”

Sessions are limited and will be held at Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy, 4425 Randolph Road, Suite 316, The Cotswold Building. Register by calling Leslie Kay Maitri, LPC at 704-458-5561. To learn more visit


Ballet Fitness for Non Dancers For a strong core and lean body

Ballet has been long recognized as creating long, lean, strong bodies. Ballet Fitness classes offers non-dancers that same the same strength building principles as a ballet class without dancing across the floor, pirouettes, or leaps.

The class consists of a simple standing ballet portion using a barre for support followed by specific resistance band exercises, core work and stretching. A strong core can protect the back, improve posture, support sporting activities and make activities like picking up a child easier. Having strong, stretched arms and legs can also reduce possible injuries and create a better balanced body.   Classes are non-intimidating and simple enough for any level. “I have seen my ballet fitness students stand taller and marvel at the changes they are making in their bodies and lifestyle,” says instructor Allison Hollingsworth, who has taught ballet for 13 years. “They have improved their flexibility and their confidence has grown.”

For more information and class location and times visit


Migun of Charlotte Now Open Free 30 minute far infrared massages

Migun of Charlotte is open in South Charlotte offering products that promote balance and harmony in the whole body allowing the body its full potential to heal itself. 

Migun’s principal product, the thermal massage system, is an FDA approved Class II medical instrument under the 510K regulation that may relieve muscle and joint pain and increase circulation.  Migun uses far infrared heat to enhance circulation and detoxification at the cellular level.  Migun’s thermal mechanical probes penetrate 2.5 inches into the body.  

Ongoing clinical studies, including those at the University of California, Irvine, have established the full range of health benefits created by Migun’s unique process. The results show significant change and positive effects in the overall physical health of users including the musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal, nervous and cardiovascular systems. There has also been marked improvement in the conditions of Hypertension and type II diabetes. 

Visitors to Migun’s demonstration center get a free 30 minute massage using far infrared therapy combined with the healing properties of jade.  They may also try other innovative alternative healthcare products.

Migun of Charlotte is located in Pineville at 9105-B Pineville Matthews Road across the street from Carolinas Medical Center Pineville.  For more information visit or call 704.540-4848.

Wellbeing Natural Health Offering New Community Acupuncture Clinic

Have you ever wanted to try acupuncture but haven’t been able to afford it?  Are you interested in experiencing the benefits of acupuncture in a classical Chinese clinic?  Acupuncturist Cristin Gregory is opening a Community Acupuncture Clinic at Wellbeing Natural Health in Cornelius on Mondays and Fridays starting in December.  

“A community clinic is set up like the traditional clinics in China,” says Gregory. “Several people receiving their treatments in the same room. We use comfortable reclining chairs, infrared heat lamps and relaxing music.”

Community acupuncture clinics are popping up all over the country during this economically difficult time because they are designed to be convenient for the acupuncturist and affordable for the patient.  Gregory is able to treat several people at the same time, so she is able to offer a discounted sliding scale fee of $15-$45 per visit.  Payment is based on income and need.

Gregory has observed that people look forward to the community aspect and enjoy meeting and talking with other people who share their interest in holistic health. “People who are living with the same disease, say cancer or diabetes, can exchange information about their condition, discuss treatment options, and become friends,” says Gregory. For more information call Wellbeing Natural Health at 704-655-7324 or 704-663-6544.


Zen Super Boot Camp For weight loss and fitness

Master Eric Sbarge will offer meditation techniques, nutritional advice and physical fitness as part of Charlotte’s new Zen Super Boot Camp beginning December 1. The boot camp will be an ongoing weight-loss and fitness program located at The Peaceful Dragon in the Steele Creek area.

Sbarge, who has studied kung fu, tai chi, yoga and Zen meditation for over 30 years, comments, “What sets this boot camp apart from other boot camps or fitness programs is the coaching element, coupled with in-depth mental training in weight loss. You’ll be amazed at how proper coaching in true mind/body approaches to fitness will make all the difference.” 

Sbarge bases the curriculum on mental techniques that have been used for centuries by Zen monks and more recently by modern sports psychologists and professional athletes.

“The most common New Year’s resolution is ‘I’m going to lose weight.’ But to create real, lasting weight loss or improved health, the changes must begin with the mind. Negative habits and lifestyles can be changed with proper training -- and without making you feel completely miserable in the process,” says Sbarge, who is an inductee of the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame as Outstanding Kung Fu Master.

For more information contact Sbarge at 704-504-8866 or visit

NC Restaurants and Bars Go Smoke Free Jan 2 On January 2nd, venues that serve food and drink will be smoke-free.  Last spring, North Carolina made history when Governor Beverly Perdue signed into law a bill prohibiting smoking in all restaurants and bars across the state.  Although the new law will not protect all workers from secondhand smoke exposure, it has made a strong statement across the country in support of smoke-free air regulations, particularly in tobacco growing states.

Not only will this new law protect workers and patrons of restaurants and bars across our state, it will also provide local towns and counties the ability to pass stronger smoke-free air regulations if they choose. 

“Local governments will now be able to strengthen the state law by prohibiting smoking in other indoor public places not covered by the current law, thereby offering protection from secondhand smoke to an even greater number of North Carolinians,” says Patricia Bossert, Vice Chair of Smoke Free Mecklenburg, an organization that will be working with local officials on this effort. For complete information on this new law, please visit  


The Bucket Brigade A Drop – in Support Group for Handling Stress

Dr. Jeannie Fennell, psychologist and owner of LIFEWORKS, is offering a free drop in support group for people facing stress from job loss, holidays, finances or other sources. Finding ways to get support and lessen stress will greatly improve physical and emotional health.

Why "Bucket Brigade?" Jeannie says she took the name from the old practice of neighbors forming a line with buckets to put out fires, bail water from basements or deal with other crises.  "With this Bucket Brigade group, members will fill their well-being buckets and pass that along to others,” says Fennell. “Research shows that isolation and inactively can create illness. This group is a way to lessen the impact that so when the good times are back, we are well enough to I enjoy them.”

The Bucket Brigade meets 1st & 3rd Weds from 10: 30-11:30 am at Julia’s Coffee Shop in the Habitat Restore Building, 1133 Wendover Rd. Info: Dr. Jeannie Fennell at 704-342-1144, [email protected] or

Journey Toward Sustainability Launches Website Empowering kids to make a difference Journey Toward Sustainability, a new local not-for-profit organization, announces the launch of or The mission is to empower children to reduce water usage, energy usage and waste.

Their unique approach employs a mobile unit, Eco-N-Motion, designed to travel to Charlotte- Mecklenburg Schools and other local organizations to engage children where they learn and play. The Eco-N-Motion bus is designed as a fun and interactive environment where children learn from seeing and doing. In one section, students will walk through a bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom to see where their actions can save energy, and water and reduce waste.

The second section of the bus incorporates hands-on interactive displays and kiosks that allow students to learn through doing. Here they'll discover how much less energy it takes to power a CFL light bulb versus a standard incandescent bulb and learn the pitfalls of grease poured down kitchen drains, discover how much water they can conserve while brushing teeth, and learn many more opportunities for sustainable actions.

Connie Harris, Executive Director of Journey Toward Sustainability says, “We want to bring the message to children so they can make a difference in their everyday lives, helping the environment and the Charlotte community.”


Exploring Paganism: An Introduction to Earth-Centered Religions

Who are Pagans and what do they believe? Get an overview of a very diverse and growing religious movement in a six-session course based on the book “Paganism—An Introduction to Earth-Centered Religions” by River and Joyce Higginbotham.

The course, held at Unitarian Universalist Church of Charlotte, features a mix of lecture, discussion, journaling, meditation and other activities.  It explores the characteristics of earth-centered religions, celebrations and traditions, perceptions of Deity, worship and ritual, magick and ethics.

Essentially, Paganism is an umbrella term that describes a broad variety of earth-centered spiritual traditions that stress personal responsibility and experience over doctrine or dogma. “Spiritual teachings of earth-centered religions celebrate the sacred circle of life and instruct us to live in harmony with the rhythms of Nature,” says course facilitator Carol Smith.  

Participants will get a taste of the kind of self-inquiry Pagans practice in their studies, as well as tools to help them identify their personal values and beliefs.

The course will be Thursdays, Jan. 21-Feb 25 from 7-9pm at UU Church of Charlotte, 234 N Sharon Amity Rd. Class size limited with registration by Jan. 8. Fee of $15 covers cost of the book.  Info: [email protected].


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