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MOON MAGIC Astrological Timing for Success – January 2010

Jan 29, 2010 07:58PM
The New Year begins with a bright Full Moon shining high in the midnight sky. Moon in home sign Cancer is a boon for productivity and prosperity in this new cycle. Another positive sign is the abundance of holly berries this season. By tradition the more holly berries we have, the more prosperous will be the coming year. Holly channels the energy of Mars. Below and left of the New Year Moon, orange-red Mars in Leo promises fiery action this year driving change in harmony with the goddess of love.

At Winter Solstice Mars was trine Venus, the planet of the New Year. Each year is ruled by one of 7 planets including the Sun and Moon. 2009 was a Year of the Sun, 2010 is a Year of Venus. Sun Years illuminate everything on Earth good and bad alike. What a Year of the Sun brings to light, the Year of Venus sets right. Gold, the metal of the Sun, increases in value in Sun ruled years. In Years of Venus attention and value return to copper, the metal of human industry and of the goddess of love. Venus is invisible now in alchemical fusion with the Sun before she returns next month to the evening sky. 2010 marks a renewal of Venus, a rebirth of love, grace, beauty and higher truth. Venus also brings power to restore natural law and order in the world. Venus is the planet of mystery; there is much more she may reveal to us in this New Year.

While Mercury moves backward early this month, we do better to trust our lunar intuition and Venusian inspirations. Communications clarify after the New Mercury cycle begins on January 4. A New Mercury begins a new cycle of creative thinking, communication, invention and commerce. The post New Mercury retrograde period Jan 4 - 15 brings opportunities to work out the kinks and prepare for the new creation. The waxing Moon following Jan 17-30 is a golden time to get things done, a time to get the new show on the road. This is a time to do what we do best.

Jan 4- A New Way of Thinking New Mercury Mercury crosses between the Earth and the Sun and a new 4-month cycle of Mercury begins. This Capricorn New Mercury cycle makes the ideal real.

Jan 5  – Time to Party Epiphany Eve /12th Night / The Feast of FoolsYuletide festivities conclude with the 12th Night ‘Feast of Fools’ Jan 5,  an ideal time to party and exchange gifts. 12th Night celebrations were banned during the late Middle Ages as these events became occasions for lampooning the established order of church and state.

Jan 6  – Expect a Miracle Epiphany / The 12th Day of Christmas In Christian tradition Epiphany celebrates three magical events all related to water: the birth of Jesus, his baptism in the river Jordan and changing water to wine at the wedding feast of Cana. Epiphany also honors the Three Kings who bring gifts for the child savior.


The ancient Egyptians celebrated the ‘Korion,’ the Festival of the Nile, on this day when waters of the world are blessed with healing virtue. At this time, Kore (Persephone) gives birth to the ‘Aeon,’ the child spirit or zeitgeist of the New Year. The old time cycle ends and the new cycle begins. It is a time for everyone to be born again.

Jan 10-14 (5:03 am 1/10 – 3:08 am 1/14) - Inner World Illuminated Moon Out of Bounds South Old patterns of belief and behavior are revealed and more easily reformed. We may experience emotional challenges relating to any area of life where we’ve been blocked or hiding from ourselves. Go beneath the surface, change habits and renovate your inner world. January 11-13 – – Make a Wish Balsamic Moon Wishes put on the air at Balsamic Moon come to fulfillment at the Full. Shadows of the past come up now to be transformed. The key to transforming shadow is deep breathing with attention to an ideal. 

Jan 14 until Sunset Jan 16 – Time to Look Within Dark of the Moon Though unfavorable for most outward activities this is a good time for house cleaning and clearing making way for a new cycle of creation.

Jan 16-20 – Realize Future Hopes and Dreams Crescent New Moon The power of the lunar crescent is strongest between Sunset and Moonset when the New Moon shines through the 7th House. This is a time to tune in and visualize what we wish to create in the weeks ahead.

Jan 19 (4:43 pm) – Envisioning Moon at the Equator / Zero Point North Lunar 0 Points are cosmic balance times for creative imagining  and envisioning what you wish to be. The magic window opens for about two hours 3:43 – 5:43 pm.

Jan 23 – Let Go the Old, Power On the New First Quarter MoonThe First Quarter is like a scythe cutting across the sky. Make decisions, cut away old ways and empower the New.

Jan 24-28 (10:51 pm 1/24 - 7:03 am 1/28) News Ideas and Opportunities Moon Out of Bounds North New ideas are successfully shared. Start a new business, have a special gathering, make announcements, or bring new discoveries to light. Jan 26 evening is most magical when the Moon is sailing high over Orion.

Jan 30 (exact 1:17 am est) – Celebrate! Sun in Aquarius Full Moon This Full Moon is especially powerful with the Moon in Leo closely aligned with Mars. Venus at the midpoint of Aquarius opens the way to higher truth. Spiritual energies continue to flow through the three days following the Full Moon. Revelations may come in dreams, ‘chance encounters,’ or sudden flashes of inspiration. Stay tuned!


Steve Nelson is a professional astrologer who uses tarot, name analysis, and traditional astrology to help clients understand personal myths and realize natural abilities. He may be reached at 704-375-3759 or email [email protected].

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