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Moon Magic ~ Astrological Timing for Success

Feb 28, 2010 11:40PM

March 2010 Forecast

Years ebb and flow like ocean tides. The tide comes in at Spring Equinox and rises upward toward Summer Solstice. This is the time to catch the wave. Just as sap rises in stems of plants and worms emerge from the earth now, so the vital force of Nature rises within us. Old world shamans called this energy the New Mars.

March is named for Mars and Mars is the god of war. Traditionally March is the month for setting armies marching. Mars is also ambition and passion toward an ideal. This is a time to discover /rediscover our soul's purpose and orient toward realizing our ultimate dream.

All this month Mars shines brightly in the evening sky. Things heat up after Mar 10 when Mars turns direct in fiery Leo. Our New Mars will need training and this can be done through yoga and the rituals of the season.

Spring Equinox March 20th and the two weeks after are special each year. Thoughts seeded and cultivated in this 'Spring tide' determine what will be. What we plant in our inner garden will flower this year and years to come.

Mar 5-9 (9:04 pm 3/5 – 1:31 pm 3/9) Moon Out of Bounds South

As the Moon travels the ‘underworld,’ our inner world becomes illuminated. Outmoded patterns of belief and behavior are exposed and more easily let go. This is a time to go below the surface, do original research, change habits and renovate our inner world.

Mar 11-13 – Make a Wish Balsamic Moon

Needs felt now invoke response from the new lunar cycle. This is also a time to bring people to mind for healing. Feeling invokes healing.

Mar 14-16 – Time to Look Within Dark of the Moon

This time is unfavorable for most outward activities, but good for house cleaning / clearing and looking within. The New Moon (5:01 pm Mar 15) is like a cosmic spring from which to draw new vital energy.

Mar 16-20 – A Time to Sow Crescent New Moon

Now is the time to bring forward what we wish to be realized. The crescent is strongest between Sunset and Moonset when the New Moon shines through the 7th House. Venus with the Crescent New Moon is a special boon for love and abundance.

Mar 17 – Wear Green and Celebrate St Patrick’s Day

'The wearing of the green' has its origin in the Green Man who dances in the Spring. People can go 'crazy as a March hare' when Spring draws near and sap rises. “Rising of the sap” means the stirring of primal “serpent” energy.

It is time to chase out the old Mars (old year) and bring in the New. Patrick drove the snakes from Ireland with his drum. Drumming helps break up psychic congestion (chases out the snakes) and frees new vital energy.

Mar 20-25 (exact 1:32 pm 3/20) – Be Happy Spring Equinox

As sap flows up through plant stems, so vital energies flow upward within us opening new possibilities like Spring flowers. Making a joyful noise today brings joy for the Year. Whatever is in the beginning carries through to the end.

Mar 20-23 (4:20 am 3/20 - 10:52 pm 3/23) Moon Out of Bounds North

During this time everybody is more open-minded and ready for change. This is an ideal time to start a new business, share opportunities or stage a special event.

Mar 23 (7 am) – Releasing the Old, Powering the New 1st Quarter Moon

The First Quarter is like a scythe cutting across the sky. This is a time for decision, a time to cut free from our old ways and open to a new creation. Mar 25 – Announcing a New Creation Festival of Eostre / Lady Day

Spring Equinox culminates with Lady Day, the Feast of Annunciation. March 25th is also the Festival of Eostre, Anglo-Saxon goddess of Spring. Her magic rabbit, the ‘March Hare,’ lays the ‘world egg’ containing all that is to be in this new cycle. The “egg” is the Easter Full Moon. Look up these next few evenings to see what the Rabbit in the Moon will bring.

Mar 28 (1:43 pm) - Envision Moon at the Equator / Lunar Zero Point South

Lunar 0 Points are cosmic balance times ideal for meditation or creative imagining. 0 South is good for letting go of old ways and surrendering to spirit before entering the inner world vision quest. The magic portal opens for about two hours from 12:43 pm – 2:43 pm.

Mar 29 (exact 10:56 am edt) – Illumination Passover/Easter Full Moon

Each Full Moon is a time for revelation and for healing body, mind and soul. Meditation, singing, drumming, dancing - all help open to receive. Spiritual energies flow through the three days following Full Moon. Revelations come in dreams, ‘chance encounters’ or in flashes of inspiration. This Full Moon begins the 2-month “higher interlude,” the most creative time of the year.

Mar 30 – Changing Ways Passover

This is the time to cross ‘the Red Sea’ from the old world to the new. The hours of Sunrise are ideal for letting go old world ways. All we need do is think what to let go and what to empower, breathe and focus on the light.

Steve Nelson is a professional astrologer who uses tarot, name analysis, and traditional astrology to help clients understand personal myths and realize natural abilities. He may be reached at 704-375-3759 or email [email protected].

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