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America’s Power Colors - What Our Flag Says About Us

Jun 26, 2010 11:54PM
by Tori Hartman

When we delve into the meaning behind red, white and blue, we learn that this distinctive combination signals a powerful message. Our national anthem, The Star-Spangled Banner, honoring Old Glory, salutes the intensity that founds the home we call America.

Red gives orders; it doesn’t take them. Red is in charge and represents the source of all power. It is related to the first chakra (also known as the root chakra, or spiritual energy center at the base of the human spine), signifying a rootedness in the physical land.

White deflects and takes nothing personally. Ironically, while white can be seen as clean and pure, it can also indicate being alone, isolated and with a seeming lack of caring that may make it appear aloof and superior. Instead, in its pure form, white simply stands as a neutral presence.

Blue is the color of the creative conformist, especially in the hue of navy blue. This blue assists if one is overly emotional or hasty in communicating, because it helps calm things down. Navy represents truth that has been well thought out before being communicated. It symbolizes trustworthiness and honesty and conveys calm authority. That’s why the favorite corporate color through much of the 1970s and 80s was navy.

Here, then, is how the telling combination of America’s colors plays out:

The rashness of red conveys strength and courage, while white maintains a detached authority, and blue bears the idea that we stand united in trust and truth. Together, these three colors symbolize courage, authority and freedom. The Congress of the Confederation similarly chose these same three colors for the Great Seal of the United States, noting their meaning as white to mean purity and innocence, red for valor and hardiness and blue for vigilance, perseverance and justice.

Americans have carried on with their energetic journey of freedom for themselves and the world since the day the first flag of the United States of America hung outside General George Washington’s headquarters on January 1, 1776.

Tori Hartman is a color consultant and author of Color Wisdom Cards. For more information on her work, visit

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