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MOON MAGIC Astrological Timing for Success – July 2010

Jul 01, 2010 01:17AM

The cosmic highlights this month are Evening Star Venus conjunct the King Star Regulus July 9th, the July 11th Solar Eclipse, Saturn’s fortunate return to Libra July 21 and the July 22-23 Leo Muse Gate.

The July 11th Total Eclipse of the Sun is the most important event of 2010. A solar eclipse is Mother Nature's most effective editing tool. As an eclipse occurs above, things get eclipsed/eliminated here below. Whatever needs eclipsing comes up in weeks and months before. A total solar eclipse is an opportunity to eliminate patterns of thought and behavior that are troubling our world. All that’s needed is to be still and go within where the power of transformation lies.

Evening Star Venus leads the way within. Look for Venus shining brightly in the western sky just after Sunset this month. The early Mayans saw Evening Star Venus as a fiery cauldron containing the magic Sun dog Xolotl. The Mayans believed Xolotl pushes the Sun into healing darkness. At this time Xolotl is dismembered and cooked in the cosmic caldron only to be resurrected in the next phase of the cycle. Long held secrets are revealed, wounded heroes and kings are healed, leaders are transformed or removed from the scene when Venus Xolotl is seen.

Evening Star Venus also appears as the elf queen Arwen (Arwen Evenstar) in the Lord of the Rings. Arwen’s presence is needed to exorcise the King of Rohan, the horse kingdom of the West. More than a single leader, the King is the collective consciousness of our western world culture. Venus/Arwen leads the way of transformation and healing.

Attuning to Venus now opens hearts and clears shadows. Focusing on the light of the Evening Star and breathing deeply can release all that makes the heart heavy. Evening Star Venus offers opportunity to clear what obscures so we may realize the deepest desire of the heart, our soul's destiny.

Venus with the King star Regulus July 9th in the Balsamic Moon invokes transformation of the King (the global order) through the July 11th Solar Eclipse and lunar cycle (7/11-8/9). Saturn in Libra July 22nd (to Oct 2012) empowers the creation of new organizations and social structures in harmony with the emerging Aquarian consciousness.

July 2 (11 am) – Imagine

Moon at the Equator / Zero Point North

Lunar 0 Points are cosmic balance times for creative imagination. Moon at the Equator moving North is like Spring Equinox, a time to initiate. The magic Moon window opens for two hours 10 am - 12 pm.

July 4Time to Set Ourselves Free

3rd Quarter Moon/ Independence Day

Happy Birthday USA! This country was founded the day the Sun aligns with the bright star Sirius, a mystic key to Liberty. 3rd Quarter Moon is a scythe cutting away what binds us to the past. It’s time to celebrate our freedom.

July 7-9 – Make a Wish

Balsamic Moon

Put wishes on the air. Needs felt now invoke Moon Magic from the new lunar cycle. This is a time to bring those who need healing to mind. Feeling invokes healing.

July 8-10 Open-minded, Ready for Change

(1:50 am 7/8 - 10:20 pm 7/10)

Moon Out of Bounds North

New ideas are more easily and successfully shared now. This time is ideal for new business ventures or special social gatherings. Share opportunities, make announcements and bring new discoveries to light.

July 10-12 –Slow Down, Go Deep Within

Dark of the Moon / Solar Eclipse

This 3-day period begins the day before the New Moon and ends at Sunset the day after when the crescent is visible. While unfavorable for most outer activities, this time is ideal for inner work and energy clearing. This New Moon Solar Eclipse (exact 3:40 pm July 11) is a cosmic spring that flows freely bringing blessings as we slow down and go within. This eclipse brings great changes through the 7/11-8/9 lunar cycle.

July 12-15 – A Time to Sow

Crescent New Moon

The New Moon tide energizes whatever it touches; this is a time to bring forward what we wish to be realized. Moon magic is strongest from Sunset to Moonset when the Moon shines through the 7th House. Venus with the Crescent Moon is a boon for lovers.

July 15 (3:44 pm) – Meditate

Moon at the Equator / Zero Point South

Lunar 0 Points are cosmic balance times ideal for creative imagination. 0 South is good for surrendering to spirit before entering the under world in quest for vision. The portal opens for about two hours 2:44 - 4:44 pm.

July 17-18 – Let Go the Old, Power the New

1st Quarter Moon

This Moon is like a scythe cutting across the sky signaling a time for decision, a time to cut free of the past and affirm a new life direction.

July 22 (8:20 pm - 8:20 pm 7/23) - Release and Receive

Gate of Inspiration

This July 22 Muse is Terpsichore, ‘the lover of dancing.’ Before each Gate, whatever blocks inspiration is revealed and released. Let go of bodily tensions that hold outmoded ways of thinking and feeling. Breathe deeply and move freely (dance!) to shed old ways and become present to the power and possibilities of the time.

July 20-23 (5:52 pm 7/20 – 9:48 pm 7/23)

Moon Out of Bounds South

Outmoded patterns of belief and emotional blocks are revealed and can more easily be released. The best opportunity comes Wednesday when the Moon dips near the brilliant red star Antares. Eliminate inhibiting beliefs and open your heart for new light to enter.

July 25 (exact 7:30 am) – Illumination

Sun in Leo Full Moon

Leo Sun and Aquarius Moon bring a flowering of Aquarian consciousness. Meditation, deep breathing, music and dancing can help open to receive. Spiritual energy flows through the 3 days following the Full Moon. Revelations come in dreams, chance encounters, and flashes of inspiration. In a year of great change, this Full Moon is one of our best opportunities to bring changes we wish/intend. It’s Moon Magic!

Steve Nelson is a professional astrologer who uses Tarot, name analysis, and traditional astrology to help clients understand personal myths and realize natural abilities. He can be reached at 704-375-3759, email

[email protected] or

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