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MOON MAGIC Astrological Timing for Success - March 2011

Feb 22, 2011 09:47PM
by Steve Nelson

Years ebb and flow like the tides of the ocean. The new tide comes in with the first Spring Moon and rises in waves cresting at the Full Moon near Summer Solstice. March is the month to catch the new tide. As sap rises in the stems of plants, so the vital energy of Nature rises within all living things. Shamans call this New Mars. Rituals are done to chase out the Old Mars (St Patrick’s Day, Purim) and festivals are held to welcome in the New Mars (Mardi Gras, Spring Equinox, Annunciation). This is a time to discover and realize a new dimension of our soul’s purpose. It's time to let go of old ways and answer to a new call and vocation. Each year is a new creation and each of us has a special role in the new story. Now’s our time to tune in to discover the part that we’re to play.

March is the month of the war god Mars, it’s when armies are set marching. Mars is also power to realize an ideal so March is when we train our passions to serve our dreams. Lent is for training the primal energy or “dragon” awakened in Carnival. The bigger the dragon trained to purpose the more creative energy will be available in the year. The two-week period before Equinox is ideal for dragon training; the 4 weeks after Equinox is time for seeding new creation. Whatever we plant in our inner garden now will flower through the year.

Each zodiac year is ruled by one of 7 planets in sequence from slowest to fastest, Saturn to Moon. 2010 was a Year of Venus, 2011 is a Year of Mercury. The Venus year just ending brought creative inspirations that will be communicated and commercialized in the Mercury year that follows (starting 3/20/2011). Mercury also brings new magic, new music and a new global alchemy, this will be a fun filled year.

Mar 1-3 – Make a Wish!

Balsamic Moon

Put wishes on the air to invoke response from the new lunar cycle. Venus and the Balsamic Moon rising together in Aquarius signal renewal of universal ideals, spiritual love and creative renaissance.

Mar 3-5 –Time to Go Within

Dark of the Moon/New Moon

The day before the New Moon (exact 3:46pm Mar 4) until Sunset the day after is ideal for inner work, unfavorable for outer. It’s time for psychic and physical house cleaning to clear way for the new cycle. This is when mystics descend to drink from the magic well within.

Mar 4-5 (2/4 8:08 pm - 2/5 6:08 am) – Imagine!

Moon at the Equator

Lunar 0 Points are cosmic balance times for creative imagination. Moon at the Equator going North is a time to envision what we wish to become.

Mar 5-8  – Time to Sow

Crescent New Moon

Bring forward what you wish to be realized. Energy is strongest Sunset to Moonset with Moon in the 7th House. Meditation now opens doorways, wishes take wing and prayers bring blessings in the month and year to be.

Mar 8 – Time to Party

Mardi Gras / International Women’s Day

Carnival culminates in grand celebration, this is the time to free the spirit. Women are honored with flowers today and are empowered free the world.

Mar 9 – Time to Train Your Dragon

Ash Wednesday

At Noon on the first day of Lent, wood ash is placed on the forehead to stimulate the brow chakra and draw vital energy up the spine. So the primal energy awakened in Carnival / Mardi Gras (literally “the oil of Mars”) is raised and focused to realize dreams and divine purpose in this new year.

Mar 11-13 (5 pm 3/11 - 7:51 am 3/13) Freedom and Imagination

Moon Out of Bounds North

New ideas are successfully shared now and people are more open-minded and ready for change. This is a good time to start a business, have a special social gathering, share opportunities, make announcements and bring new discoveries to light.

Mar 12-13 (6:45 pm 2/11) – Time to Choose

1st Quarter Moon

Cut free from the trappings of the past and affirm your purpose moving forward. Choices made now are likely to be the right ones. Breathe and focus on the light within to empower your dreams to be realized.

Mar 17 – Wear Green and Celebrate

St Patrick’s Day

This is the time to chase out the old Mars (old year) and bring in the New. Patrick drove snakes from Ireland with his drum. Drumming breaks psychic congestion (drives out snakes) and frees our vital energy.

Mar 18-19 (6:14 pm 3/18 - 2:02 am 3/19) – Meditate

Moon at the Equator

Lunar 0 Points are cosmic balance times ideal for creative visualization. 0 Point South is like Sunset, a time to connect in and seed the new cycle.

Mar 18-20 (2:10 pm 3/19) – Celebrate!

Spring/Purim Full Moon

Each Full Moon is a time of revelation and opportunity for healing body, mind and soul. Meditation, chanting, music making and dancing - all help open to receive. Magic energy flows for 3 days following Full Moon. Revelations come in dreams, chance encounters and flashes of inspiration. Purim is a raucous Jewish celebration with masquerade and noise making to banish the dark lord Hanuman.

Mar 20-25 (exact 1:32 pm 3/20) – Be Happy!

Spring Equinox

As sap flows up through plant stems to flowers, so vital energies ascend within opening us to bright new possibilities. Making a joyful noise brings joy for the Year, whatever is in the beginning carries on.

Mar 24-25 (9:51 am 3/24 - 4:34 pm 3/25)

Moon Out of Bounds South

Outmoded patterns of belief and behavior are revealed and can more easily be reformed now. Go below the surface, do original research, change habits and renovate your inner world.

Mar 25 – Announcing the New Creation

Festival of Eostre / Lady Day

Spring Equinox culminates with Lady Day, the Feast of Annunciation. March 25th is also the Festival of Eostre, Anglo-Saxon goddess of Spring. Her magic rabbit, the “March Hare,” lays the “world egg” containing all that is to be in this new cycle. The “egg” is the Easter Full Moon.

Mar 25-27 (exact 8:07 am 3/26) – Realizing Dreams

3rd Quarter Moon

This Moon cuts away all that distracts from putting our dreams into action and integrates new ideas into creative expression. Follow your bliss and do just what feels good in concert with the whole.

Mar 27 - Apr 19  – Love Grows

Venus in Pisces

All things Venus flourish as the goddess of love, grace and beauty moves through her sign of exaltation. Arts will flower and women come to power.

Mar 30 (4:48 pm) – Finishing Up Old Business

Mercury Retrograde

The next 10-day period is a time to finish old business while toning down and simplifying communications. Clear away extraneous mental clutter so the mind can be open to bright new possibilities that will emerge with the New Mercury cycle beginning April 9.

Steve Nelson is a professional astrologer who uses Tarot, name analysis, and traditional astrology to help clients understand personal myths and realize natural abilities. He can be reached at 704-375-3759 or email [email protected]. Info:

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