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Meet the Mystic: Maudy Fowler

Aug 05, 2011 02:05PM
Maudy Fowler is a Charlotte-based mystic who provides choices and information to people around the world.

Her book Heavenly Messages, co-authored by Gail Hunt Violette, won “Best International/Inspirational Authors of 2008 Award” alongside fellow nominees Deepak Chopra and Dr. Wayne Dyer in Fowler’s native Holland and Belgium.

She and Gail give presentations and workshops in Europe and the US and also started the non-profit Angels Avenue that provides assistance to people in need from all walks of life.

You describe yourself as a mystic, what does that mean?

As a mystic, I have the gift of prophecy and can hear messages from loved ones in heaven. I refer to this as “Angel Whispers.” I intuitively comprehend the truths that are beyond human understanding. I am an advocate for spiritual truths and am deeply aware of the powerful presence of the Divine Spirit.

My world is a teaching world to pass on wisdom and knowledge about love and truth. I never know what to say ahead of time, so it’s always a surprise for me as it is for the person in front of me. I offer messages of wholeness and healing, harmony, peace and joy, and leave people with the feeling of awe and wonder. The mystical world is a beautiful experience - it is mysterious, miraculous and magical!

How do you receive information?

Your voice, handshake or embrace is my frequency to tune in. Through the whispers of angels and their heavenly grapevine, people are presented the roadmap of life through heaven’s voices. This is often referred to as inner locution, the name given to words arising within someone, seemingly from some divine inspiration or revelation. This grapevine provides information, and sometimes instructions, to regain strength and courage. I just listen, as it is for me like three-way calling with me relaying the message.

Within my mind it is as if a teleprompter is passing in front of me. This can show the past, present and future. The mystical part of this service is that I never know what I am going to say, and I never know which of your loved ones will come to visit. It is always a surprise for you and me!

How do you differ from a psychic or medium?

Psychics are sensitive to the non-physical, supernatural forces and influences, marked by extraordinary perception or understanding. Mediums communicate directly with those who have passed. I cannot be compared to these other honorable, gifted people. I simply assist people by giving them choices that are presented to me through the whispers of angels. I cannot ask your loved ones in heaven questions, I only listen and deliver messages to people left behind so they will be able to move forward. People who have passed and are in spirit are always eager to do earthly work from heaven. I am simply a mystic messenger.

Also, my mystical world has no business. My gift is a gift to people and therefore has no monetary charge, otherwise I cannot call it a gift.

When did you first realize you had this gift?

At age 11. It was Christmas, and I was getting ready for a family portrait. I was brushing my hair and could feel a presence beside of me. When I turned around, there was a transparent figure just standing there. It was a Chinese woman in full traditional dress. She was very small, and smiling at me with her hands in a prayerful position. I immediately fainted. I did not know who this was. My mother spoke with me and asked me what I had seen. Since my mother was also gifted, she got the picture of my great-grandmother that I had never seen, and I acknowledged it as the spirit who appeared to me. From that time forward, with my mother’s suggestion, I prayed to God to allow me to be a positive messenger to the people living and to only "hear" and not "see.”

How do you help people make positive changes in their lives?

I deliver personal messages and function as the long-distance carrier for those who have crossed over. I explain cause and effect to let people know their mission. I will never tell you what you have to do, but help you make changes. Through self-realization and spirituality combined with positive thinking and the power of prayer, you will be able to change your life.

My messages are always positive, to let people look forward. However, if there is an obstacle in front of you, "we" need to warn you. My mission as a mystic is to relieve hardship, present people with choices and bring only positive news.


Maudy Fowler was born in The Netherlands and settled in North Carolina with her family. As an author and inspirational speaker, she gives presentations in the States and Europe. She is also an artist and creates hand-painted crafts for home and garden decor, which she sells privately. For more information, visit or call 704-545-1311.




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