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MOON MAGIC: Astrological Timing for Success – November 2011

Nov 09, 2011 01:00PM
A New World is on the horizon! During this Celtic New Year Nov 1-7 the pattern of the new world initiating in 2012 will be revealed to all who look within and honor the note they bring. As the outline of this new creation becomes clear, old world ways that impede its realization are highlighted for elimination / transformation. This is the role of Scorpio. As the month begins. Mercury and Venus appear together in the evening sky entering fiery Sagittarius in trine with revolutionary Uranus in Aries. Through the month they partner to preside over the death/rebirth of the king and global order of things. This transformation is catalyzed by a long term trine to Jupiter (king) from potent little planet Pluto, ruler of Scorpio. While Jupiter runs backwards (until Dec 25), the false king is exposed and old world shadows are brought to light to be transformed. Energy set free from old patterns breaking powers the new creation flowering through 2012.


The Celtic New Year celebration Samhain culminates Nov 7, the autumn power gate. This cosmic mid-Scorpio gate is symbolized by the Ace of Cups in Tarot and the Ace of Hearts in playing cards. All that would block hearts from fully opening comes before this gate to be cleared. Astral shadows are dispelled and love is born anew with the Nov 10 Tripuri Purnima Full Moon.  All is illuminated at the Nov 22 Gate of Inspiration and revolutionary new art and music flow from the Nov 25 Solar Eclipse. A New World begins!


Nov 1-3 (12:38 pm 11/2) – Time to Choose

1st Quarter Moon

This Moon is like a scythe cutting across the sky, it's a time to cut free from trappings of the past and affirm our purpose moving forward. Choices made are likely the right ones.


Nov 1-6 – Out with the Old, Open to the New

Going Out of the Signs

The best time to break addictions or eliminate attachments is when the Moon moves through signs down beyond vital organs from Sagittarius (thighs) to Pisces (feet). Now we can more easily let go outmoded patterns and eliminate toxins physical, emotional and psychic.


Nov 5 – 9:30 am - 7:57 pm – Imagine!

Moon at the Equator

Lunar 0 Points are cosmic balance times for creative imagination. Moon at the Equator going North is time to envision what we wish for the future.


November 7 – Happy New Year!

Hallowmas / Samhain / Celtic New Year

Hallowmas is one of 8 fire festivals celebrated at equinoxes, solstices and cross-quarter days - times when changes are more easily made in our inner and outer world. The Celts celebrated their New Year on Nov 7 when the Sun crosses the midpoint of Scorpio. The mid-Scorpio solar gate is the creative source of the year. The astral veil is thinnest and shadows of the past are revealed and transformed opening the way for the future to be.


Nov 9-12 – Transformation and Liberation

Tripuri Purnima Full Moon

Hindus celebrate Shiva's victory over the “city demons” Tripuri. Shiva is the god of dance, death and transformation. Cosmic energies flow for 3 days following Full Moon (exact 3:18 pm 11/10). Revelations come in dreams, chance encounters and flashes of inspiration.


Nov 11- Awakening


11 is a master number on the physical plane and Tarot Key 11 Justice or Maat the Egyptian goddess of divine truth who presides over the transition between one age and another. Social justice and economic democracy are realized through her liberating influence.


Nov 17-19 (exact 10:08 am 11/18) – Realizing Dreams

3rd Quarter Moon

This Moon cuts away all that distracts from putting dreams into action. 3rd Quarter Moon integrates new ideas into creative expression; it's time to follow our bliss and do what feels good in concert with the whole.


Nov 19-20 (7:21 am - 4:11 am) – Meditate

Moon at the Equator

Lunar Zero Points are cosmic balance times ideal for creative imagination. 0 Point South is like Autumn Equinox in the year, this is a time to connect with the greater whole and scry our place in the world.


Nov 21-23 – Make a Wish!

Balsamic Moon

Shadows that come before New Moon are cleared through deep breathing with attention to the light within. It’s time to put wishes on the air andto bring others to mind for healing.


Nov 22-23 (11:08 am– 11:08 am) – Open to Receive

Gate of Inspiration

A Muse Gate opens every 40 days. Whatever blocks our flow comes before the Gate to be let go. This is a time to release body tensions that hold outmoded ways of thinking and feeling. Breathe deeply and move freely to shed old ways and open to the magic of the new time.


Nov 25 –  Family and Community Celebration


Thanksgiving is always celebrated in fun-loving Sagittarius on a Thursday, day of Jupiter (or Thor), the ruler of Sagittarius. Jupiter is the planet of enjoyment, joviality, and good cheer. Enjoy!


Nov 24-26 – Time to Go Within

Dark of Moon/New Moon

The day before New Moon until Sunset a day after is ideal for inner work to seed the new cycle, outer activity is favored after the crescent appears. The New Moon (1:10 am 11/25) is a cosmic spring that flows freely as we slow down. Here we can know what is and realize how to shape what is to be.


Nov 26-30 – Time to Sow

Crescent New Moon

It's time to bring forward what we wish to be realized. Meditation now opens doorways, wishes take wing and our prayers bring blessings for this Moon and the New Year to be.


Steve Nelson is a professional astrologer who uses Tarot, name analysis, and traditional astrology to help clients understand personal myths and realize natural abilities. He can be reached at 704-375-3759, or email [email protected]

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