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Conserve Water Without Sacrificing Comfort

Get hot water in an instant

From the products we use to the food we eat, a typical American lifestyle requires nearly 2,000 gallons of water per day, according to National Geographic. On top of that, the average U.S. household wastes 12,000 gallons each year simply by letting it run down the drain while waiting for hot water.

With just a few easy changes, however, environmentally conscious consumers can contribute to sustainability without sacrificing individual comfort. Installing water-efficient fixtures is just one example. Grundfos offers cost-effective hot water recirculation solutions that provide instant hot water, helping to conserve one of our world’s most precious natural resources.

Hot water recirculation improves the efficiency and effectiveness of household appliances including washing machines and dishwashers by having hot water available instantly. Users can save energy by setting the 24 hour programmable timer to make hot water available during peak demand times, such as early morning and in the evening.

On average, consumers wait up to a minute or more for hot water. Hot water recirculation provides homeowners the luxury of hot water in an instant, reducing water waste and lowering water and sewer costs. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, using hot water recirculation saves the average American household up to 12,000 gallons of water a year.

“Our hot water recirculation pumps provide homeowners a comfortable and convenient approach to achieve sustainable living,” said Terry Teach, vice president of Sales at Grundfos North America. “We are proud to say our pumps make a difference in the way millions of people live their daily lives.”

Grundfos, a global leader in advanced pump solutions, is a trendsetter in water technology. The company offers two hot water recirculation solutions to accommodate both new construction and existing home retrofits. All of the solutions are affordable, convenient and easily installed by a contracted professional.

Current homeowners benefit from the Grundfos COMFORT System, designed to circulate water from a pump placed at the hot water tank to a valve installed beneath the sink furthest away. The combination works together to keep water in the return line from cooling, providing consumers with hot water on demand. Using a timer-activated circulator pump ensures the pump runs only when needed, circulating hot water only when it is in demand by the household. Small in size, the circulator pump and valve take up little space on the hot water tank and under the sink.

The Grundfos COMFORT family of products can also address new home construction. When plumbing a new home, a return-line is installed from the end of the hot water supply line back to the water heater. A circulator pump is used to circulate water through the main hot water line back to the water heater, preventing cooling. The COMFORT pump uses a timer and aquastat to help control energy use during the day or at night when hot water is not needed.

Available in the near future, a new addition to the COMFORT family will learn the hot water consumption patterns of a family within a few weeks and then adapt to it, saving up to 85 percent on electric bills and up to 48 percent in heat energy savings compared to a conventional hot water recirculation pump.

For further information, contact Snider, Inc. to find the name of an installer in your area. Contact 704-588-0915 or visit




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