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Transpersonal Hypnotherapy with Linda Thunberg

Picture1 by Lisa Moore

Dedicated to helping individuals enrich their lives, Linda Thunberg, owner of Transpersonal Power in Cornelius, has had a sixth sense since childhood. After successful careers in banking and interior design she is  now putting her intuitive gifts to work helping others. Thunberg has honed her innate skills intense education  on intuition, metaphysics and manifestation. She provides Transpersonal Hypnotherapy services on  an individual or small group therapy basis and Channeled Intuitive Soul Readings. Natural Awakenings spoke  with her about the work she does and how her evolution came to be.


What kind of intuitive or supernatural experiences did you have as a child that became the basis for your life’s work?

Ever since I can remember, I have been an observer. Even under age five I can remember watching people and observing the world around me. I always had a small voice inside of me, which I believed everyone did that said, I am good, I am love - and not from an earthly sense, but from what I know now as being form a higher source. I thought that everyone talked to their grandparents who had passed on. I remember not understanding my Aunt saying at my Grandmothers coffin that I was never going to see her again because I could see her right there to the side of us.

What personally drew you to explore metaphysics 20 years ago?

Unity Church really confirmed my ideas that I had always had about spirituality: that God is loving and we are co-creators in our lives, and we are energetically connected to each other and the all. They helped me understand about spirituality, metaphysics and my own natural intuitive abilities I’ve had since childhood. People saw abilities and things in me that they didn’t see in others, and I wanted to explore that further. I am still exploring that. And I find it my mission to empower people to empower themselves because I truly know they have the ability to enhance their lives. I do not call myself a healer. I truly know that I am a facilitator to help people heal themselves.

How would you describe Transpersonal Hypnotherapy to someone?

I usually describe it as being ‘Spiritual Hypnotherapy.’ The client and I acknowledge a presence of higher spiritual assistance in the session, especially in self-healing sessions (health, cutting cords to stress/situations/people), childhood or past life regressions or progressions (seeing into the future). Sometimes that is your higher self, angels, loved ones, guides, or spirit itself. It makes the healing session much more powerful to acknowledge and trust the connection to something of a higher realm working with us as co-creators in our lives. I only do Transpersonal Hypnotherapy if the client has spiritual beliefs, which most do. If not, I do Clinical Hypnotherapy.

What happens in a session?

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy is much like a guided meditation except you are more deeply relaxed, in between a sleep state and an awakened state. The conscious mind steps aside, so to speak, and allows the subconscious mind to surface more. It is like watching TV and you can’t remember what shows you watched, or driving and didn’t see things along the road, or were surprised when you got there so quickly, or when kids play video games for hours. They zone out- this is an altered state of consciousness.

The subconscious mind is the storehouse of everything we have known, everything we know and everything we will know. It is the place in our mind working 24 hours a day, behind the scenes, where we formulate patterns, knowledge and beliefs. It is what operates us everyday, whether we acknowledge it or not. It helps us by automatically reminding us how to do things, to drive for example. But it also formulates patterns that may not serve us any longer, such as childhood beliefs about ourselves, relationships, and others. Transpersonal Hypnotherapy can help release the unwanted subconscious beliefs and replace them with new thought patterns and beliefs of our own choosing. It’s not magic or hard, it is the easy subtle way of changing your habits.

What kinds of physical, mental or emotional issues can be helped by your services?

Many clients come to me because of blocks in their lives. Blocks may impact self worth, relationships, business, illnesses, fears, addictions, body image, lack of manifestation in their lives, or also a nagging curiosity of past lives. All you need for hypnosis is a willingness to explore and change if it is desired.

My services include childhood regressions with chakra repair, past life regressions, life progressions, as well as hypnosis for self help including self worth, and other emotional blocks and fears, illness and health, addictions, smoking cessation, and weight loss.

How do you keep yourself in balance so that you may successfully facilitate the work you do?

My husband, Gary Dobson and I go boating on Lake Norman whenever we can, and sailing and cruising the waters around the world. I love to travel and also spend time with our grown children (six between us!) and my five grandchildren. Arms around my neck from one of my grandchildren put everything in balance again! I have a very special yellow labrador named Southern Lady Sandra D. Beach (Sandy), who sometimes comes to work with me and loves to meditate. I enjoy -walking with and swimming with her at the islands of Lake Norman. I also meditate, read, and love to listen to music, most any form. I believe that we are here to have a physical experience on earth as spiritual light beings and to experience joy this time around.

Info:, 704-237-3561 or [email protected]



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