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Author, Intuitive, Healer: Cyndi Dale shares her journey, provides insight

Jun 10, 2015 05:00PM
by Lisa Moore

slider-cyndiNaturally intuitive as a child, Cyndi Dale has honed her skills in energy medicine through studies in shamanism and other healing modalities around the world, from Peru to Iceland. Recognized worldwide for her accomplishments as an author, intuitive healer, speaker and authority on the chakras, she inspires people to make positive changes by opening them to their essential energy. Natural Awakenings spoke to her about her journey and her mission.

You discovered your natural, psychic abilities at an early age. What kinds of things did you experience as a child and when did you realize that not everyone had these gifts?

I believe that many children are born with at least a few intact psychic gifts and that others display them as they grow up. Unfortunately we live in a world that discounts or fears many of these abilities and so children shut down. I perhaps remained more open than most and for longer. It was only as I grew older, perhaps by age eight, that I realized that others in my family didn’t have the same abilities, or at least comfort with them, that I did.

I believe that my gifts were present even when I was in-utero. I remember seeing my parents arguing; in fact, I could see the colors and shapes of their negative words and wherever these sounds waves passed through the womb and into me, I later developed physical issues—like ear infections, a heart arrhythmia, and a broken foot.

As a young child, I could psychically see and hear—even interact with—otherworldly beings. This included angels and ghosts but also the demonic forces. I would hold tea parties with angels and loved this engagement. However, it scared me to watch these two particular dark shadows enter my mother. Each affected her in a different way. One made her angry and mean, the other needy and manipulative. As well, I was aware of the fairy realm, remembered past lives, and had a sense of when others were ill—my hands would heat up and I would want to send them energy and light. In general, I was quite odd!

When did you decide to develop your skills and how did you move from the corporate life to the healing arts?

I had two goals by second grade. I wanted to write books and run my own business. I majored in English with a minor in philosophy in college and later worked toward a master’s in divinity, although I didn’t finish it. However, my first jobs were all in standard professions. In the meantime, however, my intuitive gifts, which had been strong until age 12 and then closed down, reactivated. I entered therapy at age 20 and as I worked on my issues, anorexia, OCD, codependency, etc., my intuitive faculties reactivated. I was overwhelmed with psychic data. I heard words no one else heard, dreamed about events that occurred the next day and felt everyone’s feelings. I lived in an overwhelming if improbable universe.

Developing psychological boundaries only helped so much. To gain control over the psychic sensations bombarding me, I began to study intuition and healing, both in the US and abroad.

Knowing I needed self-control, I tried to discover a path to follow. There wasn’t a discernable or well-traveled journey way. So first I took a class led by a local Therapeutic Touch healer. It was taught in the basement of a Bed and Breakfast. The owner told us not to tell anyone we met there—she didn’t want the word getting out that she was “weird.”

After that class, I took a psychic development class from a well known psychic in my area. I decided I needed to learn from healers and intuitives who practiced in their original cultures. Eventually I studied with shamans in Belize, Costa Rica, Peru and Morocco. I learned from a Lakota medicine man and a Hawaiian kahuna. I traveled, read, studied and practiced the art of healing. It was natural that I would eventually start my own business in order to use the knowledge and skills I was developing. But I was also led to healers and knowledge through spiritual guidance.

You created a thirty-two-center energy system that focuses on twelve chakras and twenty other spiritual energy points. How does this differ from other energy healing systems and how can people use it to enhance their wellness?

At the time that I came up with this system most Westerners followed a single path—that of the seven in-body chakras. Few knew that this is only one of many systems perpetuated within Hindu or East Indian philosophy, the origin of the seven-chakra system. And that particular seven-chakra system? Although based on two ancient spiritual tracts, our knowledge of it came to the modern world through one author and only one author - Sir Arthur Avalon. I don’t personally think he meant to be the only authority ever on chakras.

Before reading his book, I intuitively perceived more than seven chakras, both inside and outside of the body. My research has affirmed the fact that dozens of societies work with chakra systems that incorporate energy bodies and points beyond the number seven. Hence I think my system, which has several extra chakras, includes spiritual points, describes the backside of the chakras, and links psychic/intuitive gifts to the chakras.

Since writing my first book, I have continued to expand my understanding of chakras. In fact, I have a huge book—1400 pages—coming out in November 2015 that explores 12,000 years of chakra and other energetic knowledge across the world’s cultures.

You have stated that one of your main goals is to help people open their essential energy. Describe what that is and how you assist people in achieving that?

I believe that we are each a spirit, an immortal self who is made of the essence of love or God. As such, we are unique and also carry spiritual gifts, abilities that are ours to express in the world. Through our special contribution we help create love, transform what is not loving to love, and enhance that which is already present. I serve this cause by helping people perceive their essential selves and gifts, clear the blocks preventing them from expressing these gifts and support them in being joyfully human and divine simultaneously. In other words, I use my intuition when consulting and teaching to help people show who they really are to themselves and the world.

Why is it important for people to enhance their intuitive abilities and what are some ways they can do that?

Intuition is the communication vehicle of the essence, which is in direct communication to the Divine. In other words, we follow our intuition because it allows us to follow God. And if we can but do this, we’ll always be led and live in a good way.

I think for those interested in more fully accessing their intuition it’s important to first distinguish between psychism and intuition. We are all psychic, which involves communicating via subtle energy, or information that moves faster than the speed of light. The psychic senses can be distorted, for they reflect our survival needs and tribal programming. It’s our job to mindfully manage these abilities or become intuitive rather than merely psychic. By establishing parameters in regard to the sharing of psychic information, we control these gifts and receive and share from a higher rather than lower set of sources. When we willingly surrender our gifts to the Divine, they actually transcend into spiritual gifts and operate at the highest possible level.

Second, it’s helpful to learn about the various forms of intuition. These include the following: Verbal—the “hearing” of subtle tones, words, messages; Visual—the “seeing” of subtle visuals; Physical empathy—sensing physical, mental, and emotional perceptions in the body; and Spiritual empathy—gaining knowledge of higher truths through the body’s perceptivity.

The devotee might want to figure out his or her strongest intuitive senses. What has worked the best in the past? What gifts were available during childhood? Look for classes and programs to help develop these gifts and make use of them.

Third, practice. Ask Spirit to help you write down or intuitively hear an answer to a question. Ask to see an image, receive a dream or be shown a visual symbol that will assist with a concern. Notice the body’s messages—when it provides a warning or a “go ahead;” when you sense another’s feelings or motives; when you simply know a truth and must follow it. Practice helps us believe in ourselves and our connection to God.

Cyndi Dale will be offering the weekend intensive Healing Horizons hosted by Gina Spriggs. The Expanded Energy Toolkit is July 31-Aug 2 at The Ayrsley Hilton Garden Inn in Charlotte. Cost is $307 by June 15 and $497 after. Registration: Info:


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