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Bunt Offers

the Very Best of Reiki

by Martin Miron

A Reiki Life Academy is a professional reiki treatment and training facility. Founder and Director Nancy Bunt is a certified yoga teacher (RYT-500) with advanced training in therapy and trauma, a certified meditation teacher, certified Tension/Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE) provider and nationally certified personal trainer with advanced training in mind-body wellness and a master’s degree in sports science. She has been practicing reiki for 22 years.

Services include reiki treatment, reiki training programs, TRE, Instruction in relaxation techniques and specialty workshops like Chakra Balancing, Meditation and the Art of Dowsing. She states, “I pride myself on having an endless thirst to learn and gain experience in order to give my clients and students nothing but the best. I am continually working to advance my mind-body education through regular attendance of seminars, workshops and training programs.”

She was introduced to reiki as a young girl. “My mother had received training in reiki first and second degree, and I remember feeling very intrigued and receptive of it. Something about reiki seemed so natural to me, like I had always known about it and was being given a reminder. When I reached my early 20s, I began to feel a strong calling to become a practitioner myself.” Her extensive background in fitness, mind-body wellness, yoga and meditation allows Bunt to provide more integrative wellness support, as well.

She works with adults, children and animals. “People come to me for a variety of reasons. Some for general wellness, balancing and personal growth; professional athletes looking to stay fully focused on their game; and others come to me for support with the healing process from illness, injury and loss,” says Bunt. “I also routinely support people coping with anxiety, depression and trauma recovery.”

Having experienced the effects of reiki for so long, Bunt says, “I know firsthand just how profound an impact this practice can have on an individual’s life and personal growth. Reiki has given me an amazing tool to help navigate the inevitable challenges life has thrown at me. Regardless of the situation and how difficult it may have seemed at the time, I always knew I was going to move through it and come out better on the other side. This is a great benefit to having reiki in your life. You are more capable of going with the flow of life and staying grounded, centered and connected.”

Bunt has engaged in advanced study as a master teacher under the current reiki grand master in the Usui shiki ryoho, Phyllis Lei Furumoto. “My time with Phyllis only further strengthened my passion for reiki, as well as my commitment to preserving the integrity of the traditional Usui practice. My extensive experience and education allows me to offer a foundation to my students like no other.”

Bunt has volunteered at a children’s in-residence psychiatric facility for over six years. “I have the privilege of sharing reiki and relaxation techniques with children recovering from the effects of trauma,” she says. “This experience has been such an amazing gift to me and a way of giving back for having had reiki in my life since I was a child.”

Bunt’s Reiki First Degree class begins Sept. 23, and the Reiki Second Degree class begins Sept. 9. A Reiki Life Academy is located at 5200 Park Rd., Ste. 105, in Charlotte. For more information, call 704-996-4079, email [email protected] or visit

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