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Patients of Dr. Jennifer Dillon Are Like Family

by Martin Miron

Dillon Natural Health helps healthy people thrive and ailing people get to a better state of health and well-being using a combination of nutrition, Applied Kinesiology, chiropractic and other services to reduce inflammation, balance the gut, create a healthy immune system and stabilize the structural and chemical aspects of the body.

Owner Jennifer Dillon, a doctor of chiropractic and certified clinical nutritionist, started small in the Cotswold area. “We grew fast, needed more room and found a lovely space in a 100-year-old house in the Elizabeth neighborhood,” she recalls. “We had five wonderful years there, but the recession hit and I found my incredible husband and knew we were ready to start a family.” In July, she moved into the Cotswold location. “This new location allows me to be present at home when my boys arrive from school, which is most important to me,” notes Dillon.

Dillon Natural Health offers chiropractic services; Applied Kinesiology; purification and lymphatic cleansing; clinical nutrition; blood work, food allergy testing and nutrient-deficiency testing, managed with nutrient-dense diet recommendations and whole food vitamins; thermography to find inflammation and potential disease states in the body; acupuncture; and massage. “We also have the best neuromuscular massage therapist in Charlotte and a Thai massage/yoga therapist,” says Dillon.

She explains, “I use muscle balancing techniques that stabilize the spine and joints for longer-lasting adjustments. I am like an electrician that gets the lines of communication open between the brain and the muscles affected. I can ‘deactivate’ a spasming muscle or ‘activate’ a weak muscle by opening up the lines of communication between the brain and that muscle. This requires much less of the heavy adjustments, which some people are not fond of.”

Dillon’s philosophy is simple. “Hippocrates stated, ‘Let food be thy medicine.’ At Dillon Natural Health, we live and breath this. I may use nutrients to fix and stabilize initially, but the ultimate goal is to teach you how to live well by understanding what that takes from a nutrition standpoint and helping you learn about nutrient rich foods. We retain many of our clients, and I am honored and humbled that now those clients entrust us with their kids.”

Dillon’s business does not rely on insurance. “Actually, we don’t work with insurance companies, nor do we file insurance claims,” she says. “I worry about most of the clients as much as I worry about my kids. They are on my mind even on vacation. I am friends with most of my clients. They are family now, and they know my family. I can’t imagine it any other way.”

Dillon Natural Health is currently having a Back to School/End of Summer/Get in Shape for the Holidays Purification Special. Lymphatic Cleanse sessions are buy three get one free for the fall allergy and ragweed season.


Dillon Natural Health is located at 421- B, S. Sharon Amity Rd., in Charlotte. For appointments, call 704-333-9991. For more information, visit

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