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Tai Chi Stick Seminar in Pineville

The Empower Life Center, in Pineville, will present a four-hour seminar on the Tai Chi Stick (Tai Chi Bang) exercise system from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on February 24. The modality can help maintain and increase joint and muscle strength and flexibility; relieve chronic joint and muscle pain; build strength in the arms, hands and wrists; improve the range of motion of the joints, and heal repetitive stress injuries.

Participants will learn how to open and dredge the main acupuncture channels of the arms and legs, increase blood circulation to the hands and feet, and develop core energy and inner strength. The Tai Chi Stick is an ideal tool for massage therapists, athletes, musicians especially piano and organ players, and anyone else seeking to relieve joint and muscle pain, and increase flexibility.

The center says attendees should expect to realize results in the first week of practice.


Location: 14136 Lancaster Hwy. For more information including cost or to register by Feb. 16, call 704-542-8088 or visit 

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