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Hormonal Imbalances Have Three Components

For those that experience adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism or estrogen dominance, it’s never just one thing. These all represent very common symptoms that most people, especially women, experience. A naturopathic doctor looks at the whole person. Women depend on a proper balance of the ovaries, adrenals and thyroid  (OAT) axis, the three-legged stool.

When one leg is out, the whole system starts to crumble. Common symptoms of OAT dysfunction include fatigue, depression, anxiety, irregular periods, hypoglycemia, tender breasts, hair loss, dry skin, mood swings, sugar and caffeine cravings, headaches, irritability, sleep disturbances, lightheadedness, water retention and weight gain.

To address the whole person, we must address the adrenals. When we have a better handle on stress, our energy increases. There are a myriad of lab tests, including estradiol, FSH, LH, progesterone, adrenal stress index test, full thyroid panel, testosterone and sex hormone binding globulin.

Additional testing may be necessary based on an individual's needs. Based on the patient’s unique symptoms, test results and health goals, a comprehensive naturopathic treatment plan is created that includes clinical nutrition, vitamins, minerals, biochemical co-factors, herbal remedies and lifestyle recommendations.


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