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Reset Frayed Nerves by Retreating

Apr 30, 2018 07:06PM

Research shows that the post-industrial revolution and electronic age has, to a certain degree, silenced our circadian rhythm thereby effecting our ability to fully function in a healthy, happy, and productive way. We may often feel slightly out of sync. Seventy thousand years ago, it would have been unlikely to have met more than about 40 people in our entire lifetime. We were nomadic hunter-gatherers living in tribes, still attuned to natural rhythms without such conveniences as modern transportation or communication. Now think of all the people we may meet in our lifetime, including via social media.

Evolutionarily speaking, our nervous system has not caught up with this leap into hyperspace, reacting like a bunch of dangling, high-voltage live wires. The solution is to retreat: really unplug from our job, house, kids, significant other and perhaps most importantly, our gadgets. Maybe that seems beyond reach, but it could be worth “rewiring” our life now to avoid short-circuiting later. It does take planning; perhaps for a few months or even a year, but it’s well worth it.

Plan a getaway, preferably a silent, two-to-three-day retreat. There are many to choose from, and facilitators will safely store our devices for the duration. If we give ourselves this break, our coworkers, family and friends will thank us.

Jeffrey Shoaf, C_IAYT, LMBT, E-RYT, is a yoga therapist, meditator, bodyworker and teacher in Charlotte, NC. For more information, visit

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