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The Definition of Natural Beauty

May 31, 2018 04:08PM

Ciani Foy

Ciani Foy is a senior at William Amos Hough High School, in Cornelius, who plans on attending Elon University in the fall to study communication design. “In the future, I hope to work for a fashion company behind the scenes as their graphic designer and website generator.,” she says. “I love all things beauty and fashion, but I also have a passion for writing. Hopefully I can carry this with me as I continue to grow as a student and professional.”


What is your idea of natural beauty?

Natural beauty is not a concept that has a set definition for everyone, because it is such a diversified topic. To many people, natural beauty is being barefaced and confident, but to me, natural beauty is exulting radiance from within that soon shines without. Natural beauty shines when we take care of ourselves and are conscious of what we put in and on our bodies. When we become mindful of the ingredients that help versus harm us, we work toward having a healthier temple to call our home.


What have you done to further the cause of natural beauty?

For my senior project, I created a magazine called Zola, meaning love in Zulu, to share the beauty of cultural diversity. In the fashion industry, there is a lack of representation from people of color on the runways and editorial magazines. I wanted young girls of every ethnicity to flip through a magazine and find something relatable. I want them to see models with the same textured hair, fuller lips and various skin tones. I want them to find something that speaks to them and makes them feel at home.Every single person has something to contribute in this world, and it is important to showcase that in a safe, inclusive environment.


What are some of the obstacles you have observed?

Today, the media tries to promote what they think is conceptualized beauty, but to me, beauty has no limitations and cannot be boxed in. There is no checkmark on a spreadsheet that says this is what beauty is and everyone should follow it. It is a more diversified concept, and I think that once more people get to know that, we will have a more multifaceted group of people representing what beauty is to them in their culture and beyond. We will all have a new definition of what beauty is, because we will be forced to look at it on a wider spectrum. Overall, I wanted to create Zola for the girls who feel like their beauty is not represented in the media. Now is there time to shine, too.


Link to Ciani Foy’s senior project, Zola, at

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