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Float Therapy as an Alternative Therapy for Struggling Parents

Aug 02, 2018 05:33PM
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by Jack Weaverling
For most parents, trying to find a balance between a demanding job, time for family and self-care can become a daunting experience. Constant stress, hyper anxiety and worry, insomnia, OCD or mood swings occupy our mental zone. There are ways for parents to improve their own well-being and maintain a healthy relationship with their children.

Float therapy is quickly becoming a go-to source for overall wellness and relaxation because it decreases stress and anxiety and improves quality of sleep. From professional athletes to PTSD patients, floating provides a unique environment to relax, release stress and tension and refresh the mind, body and spirit.

Float therapy means relaxing in a large tub of warm, highly saline water. Filled with 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt, the water is denser than the Dead Sea, which allows us to float effortlessly. While floating, we are also soaking in the Epsom salt, so muscles have a chance to let go and release tension. At the same time, the lack of stimulation triggers a relaxation response in the body, like a reset buttonfor the body and mind.

Decades of studies have found that float therapy provides a natural and non-invasive method to reduce stress, anxiety, chronic pain and depression, as well as increase workout recovery, creativity, focus and mindfulness. All these things are needed by active and engaging parents.

The BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicinestudy, published in 2014, states, “Stress, depression, anxiety and pain were significantly decreased, whereas optimism and sleep quality significantly increased for the flotation therapy group.”

Floatation therapy also increases the production of endorphins in the body. After an hour or more of floating, it helps restore our baseline mental state. This change in mood helps us to better deal with normal everyday stress. It also reduces the production of the stress hormone cortisol. As a result, our blood pressure lowers and muscle tension relaxes. Many studies on floating show significant reduction in self-assessed stress levels because floating provides an environment of almost no stimulation. This lack of stimulation triggers the body’s natural relaxation response, which helps to rebalance and heal itself.

New parents often go through sleepless nights as they deal with their baby’s demanding schedule. Up and down constantly, the mind quickly becomes agitated. Insomnia creeps in and they end up tired, with low energy. Float therapy significantly improves quality of sleep, especially for those that lack it.

Floatation therapy has taken its place as one of the most effective ways of triggering the body’s relaxation response. Floating helps return the body and mind to a natural calm state, perfect for the active and engaging parent. Try floating today and experience how it can help you maintain a happy and healthy relationship with your children.


Float Carolina is a dedicated float therapy center offering the best float experience in a calm, clean and relaxing environment, located at 105 Waxhaw Professional Park Dr. in Waxhaw, NC. To book an appointment, call 704-243-0081 or visit FloatCarolina

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