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Return to a Pain-Free Life

Aug 31, 2018 05:15PM

Roper Physical Therapy’s approach to Myofascial Release is an intensive, hands-on technique for the whole body, performed by licensed physical therapists that have been highly trained by the developer, John F. Barnes, PT.

The fascia comprises a three-dimensional connective tissue web that surrounds every structure of the body, including bone, muscle, nerves, blood, vessels, and organs all the way down to the cellular level. When an individual experiences physical trauma, inflammatory processes or scarring, the fascia can become restricted and begin to pull throughout the body, causing pain, altered posture, excessive joint compression, decreased range of motion, decreased muscle efficiency and many other symptoms.

When the cause of these symptoms, myofascial restriction, is left untreated, it often progresses to the point of creating chronic pain syndrome. In some patients, blood vessels and nerve roots become involved, which creates entrapment syndromes and ischemic (blood restriction to the heart) conditions. When the fascial system becomes tight or hard in one area, it can create “drag” in other areas of the body. This drag does not show up on standard diagnostic tests such as MRI, so myofascial restrictions can easily remain undiagnosed.

Conventional treatment methods do not affect the myofascial system and, at best, produce temporary symptomatic changes. Myofascial Release is designed to treat the cause of pain and mobility problems, eliminating symptoms and making permanent, structural changes that enable the patient to follow a journey of healing and returning to a pain-free life.


Roper Physical Therapy practices powerful hands-on healing techniques at 301 E. Tremont Ave., Ste. B, in Charlotte. For appointments, call 980-298-6706. For more information, visit

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