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Leaf Burrito Available for Lawn Work

Dec 01, 2018 07:53PM

The Leaf Burrito, owned and invented by Marc Mataya, made in North Carolina and approved for curbside emptying by the city of Charlotte, can be used year-round for leaves, weeds, hedge and grass clippings, annual plants, sticks and also for transporting mulch, topsoil and pine straw. The revolutionary new tool that makes lawn work easier for homeowners and city truck drivers to quickly and easily empty and eliminate plastic from the composting process, stores easily and can be hosed off for use for many years.

The city has an overwhelming and massive problem with the dirty plastic film bags that are not recyclable and that clog up Mecklenburg County composting machines. The current process is that every single bag must be removed either at curbside or on the dumping tarmac and then millions of these bags are put directly into landfills. Not only is it costly and difficult to buy and fill plastic film bags, but they also look terrible littered along our beautiful streets all year long.

Because the Leaf Burrito is so easy to fill and secure shut, homeowners tend to keep up with their yard work much more often versus letting it build up, kids enjoy helping and filling the Leaf Burrito, plus it is reusable for years and eliminates non-recyclable plastic film bags going into landfills.


Leaf Burrito residential five-foot bags (the version approved by city of Charlotte for curbside pick up) and seven-foot landscaper bags are available at or at Blackhawk Hardware in the Park Road Shopping Center. For neighborhood discounts or to customize the bags with your neighborhood logo, call 800-BURRITO or email [email protected]

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