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School of Shamanic Studies at Kent-Cook Institute at the Nook with Salem Wolf Heart

Dec 31, 2018 09:08PM

The Shamanic Apprentice Program (ShAP) launches this month at the Kent-Cook Institute at the Nook with new and exciting year-long and monthly studies in healing through natural means featuring Salem Wolf Heart, a highly respected medicine woman with psychic skills and healing abilities intermingled with influential guidance, protection and advanced knowledge, in the tradition of Lynne Andrews. Wolf Heart, author of the Native American children’s “Benny Moon” series who has studied with the Sacred Waters School of Integrative Energy Medicine, will be joined by Rachel Mann, Ph.D., Shamanic Energy Healing and Wisdom Teachings.

Other teachers will be Sun Bear of the Bear Tribe, author of Dreaming the Wheel; Native American Ceremonial Dancer Joseph Real; Beautiful Painted Arrow and Wallace Black Elk, Traditional Lakota Elder and Spiritual Interpreter; and P.E. Calvert, Kent-Cook Institute Shamanic Instructor.

A weekly study on Shamanic Healing for Animals will be held January 6, 13, 20 and 27. Your Shamanic Journey, Building a Path to Spiritual Enlightenment, will take place February 2, March 2 and April 6, followed in the afternoon by The School of Shamanic Studies.

Wolf Heart will introduce participants to the many practices and natural abilities of the Shaman and the power of prayer to everyone. Studies will be in interpretive dreams and visions; perceiving clairvoyance with control of body temperature; control of fire; foretelling of the future; and healing the sick with herbs and prayers. Working with animal spirit guides and the power of ceremony will also be covered.


Cost: $25/session; possible materials fee. Location: 400 North Harbor Place Dr., Ste. C., Davidson. For more information including class times or to make reservations, call 704-896-3111 or visit 


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