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Help in Knowing Whether a Home or Work Cleanse is Suitable

Dec 31, 2018 08:50PM

Energies are as much a part of our surroundings as the physical ones that are more familiar to us. This energy can affect our feelings, thoughts and overall well-being and vitality in both positive and negative ways. Intuition By Andrea can assist in helping one decide if an energy-balancing home or business cleanse would be suitable.

Most people may “feel” they need it. She offers some suggestions as to key factors in deciding on possibly having an energetic cleansing including if there’s a room or space that you just don't feel quite comfortable in; when you move into a new home; when there has been chronic illness or the passing of a loved one; if you have had a lot of arguments or grief in the home or recently separated; if animals are showing a change in behavior; times of transition; moving subtle energy and increasing the flow of energy of the home to try to sell or rent it; before and/or after a party or meeting; or just to feel the difference it makes.

Topics to consider in having a cleansing/rebalance in business space include when old or heavy energy is cleared from a space, the air feels thinner (a higher vibration) and people

feel refreshed in this recharged space; the same people spend many hours every day at work and leave behind energetic imprints which creates a density that can have the space feel stagnant, heavy or unproductive; and clearing and balancing a space can create productivity, a lighter atmosphere and increase the business.


For more information and to make appointments and the location of her private space, text 704-779-4880, email [email protected] or visit 

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