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Qigong Healing: How to Reverse Disease Naturally

Feb 28, 2019 05:12PM

An Interview with Qigong Practitioner Jeff Primack (Part 2 of 2)

This interview was conducted by Michelene Bell, publisher of “In Light Times Magazine”.   Jeff Primack is a Qigong teacher that has studied with many Qigong masters from all over the world and has taught over 50,000 people in live seminars.

MB: How does Qi heal people? How is Qigong different from yoga or exercise?

JP: Qigong is an ancient “energy strengthening art” combining powerful breath techniques and slow movement. Dr. Oz praises Qigong saying, “If you want to live to be 100, do Qigong!”

There is a powerful magnetic field in the hands that increases/regulates blood circulation. Doing Qigong a person can circulate as much blood as if jogging for 2 miles, but while standing perfectly still in one place! Ordinary exercises, like jogging, cause the release of Cortisol (also known as the “stress hormone”), which breaks down muscle tissue. In Qigong, your body is totally relaxed, yet blood is mobilized to flow more powerfully. People feel increased pulsation of in their hands while making the movements. Because there is no stress response, the blood can enter areas that may have been blocked off for years. This is why Qigong is so good at reducing body pain. Microcirculation to the forehead is increased and digestion is greatly improved. No other exercise offers this level of circulation to organs and glands.


MB: What is your favorite Qigong exercise to share with others?

JP: If there was only one technique I could share with the Earth, it would be 9-Breath Method. The most powerful Qigong systems rely on BREATHING TECHNIQUES to get their effects. Qi Revolution event teaches people a blend of movement, meditation and breathing techniques.   Our transmission of this knowledge is precise and exact. Instruction of breathing is specific and we provide all important details needed for success. When performed correctly 9-Breath Method is scientifically proven to improve red blood cell structure in under a minute.

Qigong student Peter Blake’s blood sample on the left reveals clumped cells before doing any breathing techniques. After a 45 second round of the 9-Breath Method the image on right side reveals the red blood cells are a much rounder shape. This shows how blood circulation is improving on the cellular level by doing this breath technique. The Qi feeling is awesome!


MB:   What does Qi feel like to a new person who has never done it?

JP:  During the Nine-Breath Method this vibration of energy warms up the abdomen. That is from the enlivening of the blood from oxygenating yourself at the highest levels. With further repetitions of breathing techniques this warmth turns into a tangible electrical force that heals. It’s hard to be angry or worried when feeling a lot of Qi, because the vibrational current gives a profound peace and reminds us we have the light of Spirit inside ourselves. When someone “lays hands” on another person while doing these breathing techniques, it sends a wave of healing Qi into that person.

Thousands of Qi Revolution attendees have said they were pain-free after doing a breathing session, likely due to endorphin release. Studies show that beta-endorphin, the feel good bliss molecule produced by the pituitary gland, is 10x a more potent painkiller than morphine. A natural high is always its own reward and dissolves stress far better than pharmaceuticals.

Monica Stecker was diagnosed with fast growing Leukemia. Within 7 months following our Food-Protocol for Cancer she was in complete remission, stunning her doctors!


MB:   Jeff, you also teach a lot about Food-Healing at Qi Revolution. How do specific foods help to reverse specific diseases?

JP:    Some foods, like Kiwi, have open lungs and have reversed Asthma in 100's of attendees we've seen since teaching Qi Revolution starting back in 2005. It could be the vitamin C in kiwi is very high, but it’s most likely a combination of many phytochemicals that help improve breathing. Asparagus is another time-tested food that helps people reverse cancer and keep the immune system functioning properly. It is rich in Glutathione, a master detoxification enzyme produced by your liver. Eating asparagus raises the body’s level of Glutathione and increases the liver’s capacity to detoxify. We learned from REAL PEOPLE what FOOD PROTOCOLS give live-saving results for cancer, heart disease, diabetes and we share this wisdom at all our events.


MB: What drives you to charge only $199 for the 3-Day Seminar?

JP:   My life has been greatly enhanced using the Qigong and Food-Healing knowledge.   During my training I vowed to make Qigong accessible to the common people. I feel compelled to make these energizing practices available to all of society, not just for people with thousands of extra dollars to spend on seminars.   Money ideally should not be a factor in someone’s decision to learn Qigong healing methods. Our goal is to share it with millions of people. People simply need to try Qigong! This is what drives me to keep it affordable.


"Qi Revolution" comes to Asheville Cellular Center Marth 30th-April 1st, 2019. Jeff Primack and 20 Instructors will teach 3-days of Amazing Qigong for $199. To reserve tickets and for more info: 800-298-8970,

Veterans are admitted free of charge.

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